The most perfect Leicester City breakfast, what a fantastic Saturday morning!

Last Saturday morning I was at The Belmont Hotel in Leicester, eating a perfect breakfast with fellow foxes fans before the home game against Burnley. This Saturday morning I am at home in Norway, making my own meal, drinking my own brewed morning coffee out of my very own special cup, with my name on and of course that lovely logo you just smile every time you see.

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What a day, not sunny at all, a bit of rain in the air, but don’t care it’s just lovely, a grand buzzing feeling about last night, when also rain were pouring down in buckets. After a great night sleep you just have that special feeling back, totally surreal but again very nice with that happiness inside you.

To see your favorite team making such a performance they did last night is something you will never forget, and again one of those very special moments that will stay with you for life, and again start dreaming of a chance to at least see your team in Europe again.

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Leicester City fans had taken the trip down to St. Mary’s and Southampton on a late Friday night, and they flew in from Norway, coming over with ferries from The Isle of Wight and of course many taking the trip down from Leicester and fans from London always going home and away.

You can talk about 11 against 10 and all that, but we are already 1-0 up when that happened and to see Leicester City just playing ball the way they did is a story about a team that are “going places” with the correct “mind set” and also being put together in a “deadly mix” by their manager Brendan Rodgers.

Football is not just putting 11 players into a team, buying expensive and hope for the best, but it’s about so much more, about those small little details and something no manager can make on his own, the magic that occur when players “click” and start to “connect” with a very special bonding and understanding, building fantastic confidence and a very special attitude.

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You can see that this team is starting to believe, starting to grow as a unite and really working so hard for each other and their hearts are in it, they really look like they care for each other. The way Jamie Vardy now is moving inside the penalty box, the way great footballers like Ayoze Perez and Harvey Barnes takes the job Riyad Mahrez did before, and what a fantastic midfield, what a gang, Tielemans, Ndidi and Maddison, just “young boys” tearing apart everyone with a football knowledge and abilities you have never seen in such a great combine before.

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The back four is one fantastic with two full backs that are glittering, and thoughts goes back to Claude Puel who should be given credit in the way he let Ben Chilwell get his chances failing sometimes but again what a player he has turned out to be. Pereira and Chilwell, it’s like Whitworth and Rofe, blistering pace and great technique and of course scoring goals as full backs, love it, something those two heroes from the past probably should have done more :-).

Wes Morgan being so loyal smiling all the way without playing, just doing his most important part this season, being at Leicester City what John Terry was at Chelsea and we all know how that turned out in Terry’s last season at Stamford Bridge. We just hope Wes will stay on and celebrate some type of silverware, and if it’s not in the Premier League hope is that FA Cup’s or Carabao Cup’s will be with Leicester City flags on.

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My special morning meal, with eggs, bacon, tomatoes, milk, coffee, and of course my Leicester City morning round on the net, became very special. Looking at all those great comments, messages coming in on my “phone” and really have that feeling you would love to have as a Leicester City fan, just pure happiness, love it.

And all those records broken, and a new time set,

  1. Biggest Leicester City away win ever
  2. Biggest away win in the Premier League
  3. Biggest Southampton defeat ever
  4. Father and Son with the biggest wins in Premier League history, Kasper with Leicester City, Peter with Manchester United
  5. First time Leicester City have two “hat-trick” heroes in a Premier League match
  6. Equaling Man City with a 5-0 lead after first half in Premier League
  7. Equaling Arsenal with two hat trick heros in a Premier League match
  8. Equaling Man Utd in the biggest win ever in the Premier League
  9. Vardy with 9 goals in the first 10 games of the season, never before seen in Premier League by a Leicester City player.

Some of the best reads, all the interviews with fans, players, both managers, you will find this morning at the filbertway facebook site, never missing the great moments and those great updates from all around the net. Just follow and like us and never miss the Leicester City moments that matters.

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