The forgotten “big four” dynasty, Arsenal, Spurs and Man Utd exits irritating the establishment

For a long period of time it was just a battle between two clubs for the Premier League title. Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal and Sir Alex Ferguson’s Man Utd. That is long gone and the two clubs did themselves no favors by the way they are “mocking” around.

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Newspapers in England and other media channels love “words” and “slogans” as they are trolling their sentences such as we all should be believed to believe that everything they talk about is the truth.

Paul Merson especially with help from Gary Neville, and a few other Arsenal and Man Utd “has been” players are often quoted in media about their favorite club and how they always will rate themselves as great and whenever other clubs are above them in the table they use different “domination techniques” to try to get their words through.

The recent sacking of Unai Emery is a disgrace and just totally idiotic. The spiral will just take Arsenal further down and without patience from fans they will just start to see themselves in the same situation as Leeds, Newcastle and Aston Villa who are “bigger and better” but struggling heavily in football not able to run everything as it should be done.

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Manchester United had “no idea” on what they wanted when they suddenly were on their own without Sir Alex at the wheel. This shows how much a manager have to say in one club, but other places maybe not as much, but with so many wins and trophies in the cabinet a leader grows into a majestic figure and he will be up there on a pedestal. To climb up will be impossible and with a group of “fans” not really supportive you have the evil spiral rolling and rolling.

The downfall at Spurs is not something that will be solved with Jose Mourinho taking charge, it’s about the players staying committed to the course and at Spurs at the moment you have some of the best players no longer interested in the future of the club, wanting to leave, that is a fact.

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So does Leicester City have anything to worry about, no should be no worries what so ever. Arsenal are not getting Brendan Rodgers as their next man in charge. With the season at Leicester City at this moment Rodgers must be insane to even consider to take over Arsenal, so to the Merson’s and Groves’s you need to get a reality check somewhere as your “Gunners” are not a quick fix and the pressure on a new boss will be massive and why jeopardize a job where everyone believe in you and love you, for a place who looks very “hostile” not even being able to give Arsene Wenger a nice farewell and not giving Unai Emery credit for his work, taking Arsenal to a European final and at the same time qualifying for this seasons Europa League.

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