Premier League title goes to Liverpool, Leicester City are third, just let this season close!

To continue believe and dream about a final solution for the Premier League season is not worth it. It’s time to be realtistic, just do as they have done with the Euro’s, postponed everything, and start a new season when it’s possible.

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With the pandemic spread we see at the moment and the situation that is as it is all over Europe, the most wisely to do is what has been done i Belgium. Just let the table stand as it does, of course not a bad table for Leicester City, but even being in a difficult position it doesn not matter.

Liverpool are worthy winners, no doubt about it, Manchester City are a clear number two and Leicester City have done brilliantly as well with the 9-0 away win v. Southampton as the biggest plus in the book.

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Jamie Vardy would be the league’s top goalscorer as it stands at the moment and he is fully worthy and who would argue about that, no single supporter of any club. Everyone respect Jamie for his loyalty to Leicester City. He is also a previous English international that was ready to pop up again and play if Gareth Southgate would call him up, so most fans would probably not be sad if Jamie is the top man of goals.

At the moment no one knows when it will be brighter days and that football again can roll at the fields and that grounds again can be filled with fans. Playing some sort of a cup competition with games behind closed doors is not football and nothing we would like to see.

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So an easy decision really, the top three of the League Championship goes up, the bottom three of the Premier League goes down, as it stands. This would probably not have changed much towards the end anyway. To postpone everything and not decide on who’s going up and down and just freeze it all would not be fair either.

We just have to wait and see what happens anyway.

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