Lovely gesture and facebook message from Marc Albrighton, much appreciated!

Yesterday Marc Albrighton wished all Leicester City fans in Norway the best and his message was warmly welcomed by everyone of us. We are of course also in the same boat at the moment with the Corona restrictions very much the same over here.

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We would like to “reverse” the message back and hope that this soon could be history and hope that the future is a bit more certain that it is right now. Leicester City hopefully will continue to rise in performance, good players will be added to the squad and hopefully Marc Albrighton is very much part of that future.

He is a “silent” hero Marc, a player that might be a bit underrated by many but at his best one of the most valuable at the club. After being overlooked in a way, not by Claudio Ranieri, but many periods by Nigel Pearson, Craig Shakespeare, Claude Puel and Brendan Rodgers, they all smartly recalled Marc to the team just to get things going and balancing it when things are on a bit of a slide with other players not performing as well as they should. Marc seldom or never makes a bad performance.

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In my view his passes and work rate up and down the flank is needed often, and he can turn a game and create a goal chance by a clever and unique pass. His ability to time those passes perfectly precision makes him very valuable for the team.

Strangely not considered for full England duty, perhaps not today, but going back to the PL winning season, he should not have been overlooked. Gareth Southgate could probably have worked out how he could partner him and Jamie Vardy in the England team. Often Riyad Mahrez was given most of the credit for his link up play with Jamie, but Marc certainly did his job on the other flank as well.

The team build by Claudio Ranieri was a jigsaw of special pieces and it might have been coincidences, to be cartain is difficult. But analyzing teams and 11’s that in a way surprises you with great results and for many being just that, surprises, is a very interesting hobby.

Often you find paths and elements in those teams that are similar and often a number of the players have a background that all together makes them ideal in such a setup.

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Marc Albrighton had an important part to play in such a perfect team jigsaw, and to see him as the first goalscorer in a Leicester City Champions League game was phenomenal. To be present in Brugge, among Brugge supporters, actually signing up for a membership just to get into the stands, was not ideal, but watching 90 minutes live of that first ever CL match will stick with you for life. As a Norwegian dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, you could say what you like and talk your own language and no one ever noticed us as Leicester City fans. But we were two Norwegians at the game, in the wrong stand, but anyway at the game.

We wish everyone at Leicester City all the best, stay safe and hopefully we can return to normal days in a while, that would be superb. Thanks again Marc for your great message to Norwegian Leicester City fans, much appreciated.


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