Castagne in, interesting points to count, what is the plan?

The first and only signing so far is Timothy Castagne, and still you have at least a month to find more players in this transfer window. To get Castagne over the line is of course good, but strangely Leicester City have signed a right-back and with James Justin and Ricardo Pereira you start to wonder what type of plan Brendan Rodgers do have for his defensive line.

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Of course the club needs depth going into Europe again and at the same time not drop into a problem in the Premier League as we did see the last time Leicester City appeared in this type of competition. We all know that Brendan prefer a neat and tight group around his first team and not use too many players over a season, but this move is a bit difficult to understand.

Brendan Rodgers is a manager that is far from a doctrine, he is often changing systems, but as we have seen over the period he has been in charge, he has really been doing ever so well with 4-3-3, and why he tend to try the 3-4-3 is not very amusing and it just doesn’t work as well as we would like, but again it might be a reason he have added one more right footed player.

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Luke Thomas did well when coming in late last season and the fact that Christian Fuchs is also around might be a reason to not put on the alarm for a new left footed defender to be brought in. But to sign a Belgian international who in real has his best position at right-back is really tricky to understand.

Leicester City will be without Jonny Evans in the season opener, Wes Morgan picked up an injury in the pre-season game v. Sheffield Wednesday and Ricardo Pereira is also in doubt. So it’s a lot of questions to be asked, but with James Justin available it’s a bit tricky to understand this, and when you don’t understand why we sign a player, it’s really worrying.

To see Brendan Rodgers trying different experiments and juggling players around might not be the best way forward, and this transfer looks a bit odd. The fact that Timothy Castagne can play to the left is of course something we just have to take into the big picture, but it could also be a sign that maybe Ricardo Pereira will be pushed further up the field, but cannot see that either.

If Pereira is to be pushed forward you must at least have a wide position to the man, and then we are talking 3-5-2 and it could be that Leicester City will appear in a third system, and to play with a rotation of systems have never been a good plan at all, so sorry, it’s a bit problematic to understand why Leicester City have signed a right-back, with good options in this area from before, it looks like a desperate move to just get a new quality body into the club without thinking a specific position to fill.

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To change systems, rotate players and play them out of their best positions might not be the ideal way forward, but of course we all know that players have been moved to a new position and done well, so we hope it will work well this new move.

The fact that Leicester City do have depth in their squad, but still lack a bit of quality to take their next step, we do hope that Brendan Rodgers can produce the football we did see before the lockdown, what we experienced after was not good enough, sorry.

You could blame it on injury problems, but again the fact that you still have a lot of players around and the fact that the club have addressed this matter with the current sacking of physio David Rennie, might be something to take into consideration.

At this point we do have more players seen linked, with Jamal Lewis and Callum McGregor both still being talked up. Both players will be available for prices that Leicester City could be able to pay, but we do believe that more players must be chipped out or at least possible to sell before the next big money move of £20million pluss will be heading to Leicester City.

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