The new 25 is 35, former England international not yet reached his peak!

If you look at the best footballers in the World, they are all either close to their mid 30’s, above or soon turning 40. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a great example to follow, talent and hunger to go on and even considering a return to international duty for Sweden.

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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are still delivering week in and week out, no one close to their level and in the category you also have to mention Jamie Vardy, scoring goals for fun and still looks a young and hungry forward, and he is one of the best.

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AC Milan showed during the 90’s that “older” players can be the best and rubbishes the talk about players being finished at 30, it’s a myth and of course not something to think about at all. When people talk about Jamie Vardy as a player that needs to be consider moved out and getting younger legs in to take over.

Jamie Vardy has not yet reached his peak and he is a bit special in that sense as his presence in the top flight came late, and his clock is ticking in another pace as his mind is set to another time zone, not getting a chance in the top flight before 2014, and just a beginner in his late 20’s.

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Hopefully fans and pundits talking about age and focusing on the 30 limit as the end of the top age of a footballer should just be careful as every players has his own peak and for Jamie Vardy he will be at his best at 38 if he keeps himself fit, have hunger and can go on without heavy injury problems.

At Leicester City you have a lot of talk about Christian Fuchs, Wes Morgan and other players close to their 30’s are almost finished, Jonny Evans has never been better, top class and he has not yet either reached his peak. Marc Albrighton could also go on for a long time, his performance yesterday was one of the better this season.

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