Fantastic news for former fox as he continues his battle and getting back to full fitness, we all are cheering from distance

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Delighted to hear that Sol Bamba is back to full fitness as he continues his football career at present playing for Middlesbrough. The 36 year old Ivory Coast international had been with Cardiff City for five years adding up 112 league appearances, 28 of them in Premier League.

Bamba recently joined Middlesbrough and in his 2nd appearance playing all 90 minutes and being happy to be back in full. He played his last league match in 2019, and from his twitter account he announced that he was not the bloke to speak after a defeat, Coventry won 2-0, but this was a perseonal one and he wanted to say thank you to all of them who had been around during his very difficult time.

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Leicester City manager at the time, Sven Goran Eriksson, did see talent in Bamba, and had previuosly coached him as the Ivory Coast national manager. Bamba did impress heavily in his first number of games. He had only two years with the club from 2011 to 2012, and made a move to Trabzonspor for a fee of £750.000, coming in from Hibs on a free.

He still have unfinished business in football and great to see that Neil Warnock found a place in his team and sqaud for the big man and a well respected central defender.


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