Leicester need to wake up before it’s too late, stats will tell you that playing this player will not win you many football games

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Brendan Rodgers must be looking in channels and pockets we have no idea about, to see the use of Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall makes no sence in our view.

If Brendan Rodgers is looking for some sort of a momentum with Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall as a leader of a midfield with no tackling ability, no penetration passes that result in goals and not really scoring vital goals himself, you cannot let this continue.

A local lad and of course one that in a team of leaders and players with fantastic quality around him can do a minor job, but he does not justify a place in this line up and his presence is no near quality as described by local media channels and pundits close to Leicester.

This must stop as his presence is nothing but avarage or below and he does not keep the team up and make players around him any better.

To see Maddison, Tielemans and Ndidi dropped from the team and seeing Dewsbury-Hall being played game in and game out makes you believe this World has gone upside down.

What does he do? what is his qualities that the team lacks with Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison in those three midfield positions. Mendy and Soumare are even better alternatives, Mendy a winner of the AFCON this season, Soumare winner of Ligue1 last season.

To use almost £80million on Perez, Soumare and Praet looks as tragic use of money when you do use players from your own home garden, that in performance are far from delivering the goods as the team looks like a carpet full of holes with him in there.

Talking about Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall and England potential, of course going forward changes can occure, but with almost no goal participation and playing in a offensive midfield role, you are not in a position to play for England.

As an offensive midfielder or an inner midfielder you need goal participation when you play and Kiernan Dewsbury Hall is on 3%. You need to make those passes and key decissions to be able to get the wins for your team and his presence is not useful in that way.

Youri Tielemans is on 20%, James Maddison is on 25%. Wilfred Ndidi do play a more defensive role and he is on 0% so far. Harvey Barnes is on 20%, Marc Albrighton on 5% to just mention a few.

Looking at the best midfielders in similar positions to Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall, Kevin De Bruyne is on 18%, and that shows you how massive impact Maddison and Tielemans has in the Leicester team. N’Golo Kantè is on 9% and he is a defensive midfielder. Martin Odegaard of Arsenal is on 19% and as we did see today outplayed Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall in all areas. Mateo Kovacic also a player in a similar position to Dewsbury-Hall, he is on 12%.

You cannot play Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall in the position we do see Ndidi in and his presence is only in the roles of Maddison or Tielemans and he is so far from their stats so playing him will give the team a clear weakness and why people at the club running stats and data don’t go into these details is a massive riddle.

I am sorry for Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall as his presence in the team do not contribute much and without Maddison, Tielemans and Ndidi this is going into the bin. Scoring goals making assists and making players around you better is a key for those appearing in the engine room. When presence don’t result in points and goals you are not really contributing from a midfield point of view.

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall is not a player that at present will bring Leicester forward, and he is not contributing to the most important in football, goals and points, so sorry, this cannot continue. So the message to Brendan Rodgers is, at least stop buying players for £80million plus, if you don’t intend to use them and instead playing players that has no or any impact on results as you can clearly see in the stats.

We have seen how much Leicester miss Jonny Evans and Jamie Vardy, and not having Youri Tielemans and James Maddison in the team you will lose almost every possible chance to score goals, sorry but this can’t last longer and changes must be made and stats must be used in the best way possible.


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