Wake up call for Leicester fans as they are all obsessed with “one of their own” syndrom and close their eyes

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Watching talk from local pundits, journalists and fans makes you wonder what is going on in this campaign regarding Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall.

He is a clever player, but still at this point not in the region of some of his team-mates and surely not involved when the final part of a result is coming to the table.

Fans do love him for his tackle vs. Man Utd and his easy and very obvious pass to James Maddison with the latter doing the magic that made it possible for Kelechi Iheanacho to score and no one really talks much about it, but instead talking up Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall as the master of this goal, this cannot be real.

If Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall had missed this tackle which was clearly an easy one to win as he was on the ball and it was close to him when he went for it. The pass to James Maddison could my grandmother have done, but surely she would have struggled heavily to copy Maddison.

The current value of Kiernan Dewsbury Hall is at Transfermarkt €5 million. Hamza Choudhury is at the moment valued to the same. Youri Tielemans has a value of €55 million, James Maddison is on €50 million. This is based a number of criterias, and something that is looked at when you rate a player for his skills and contribution.

We have talked about Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall and his stats before, which is not impressive when it comes to the most important part in football, being part of bringing goals and wins to the table. He will struggle massivly to be able to fill any gap after the two other midfielders (Maddison and Tielemans) as they both are on another planet regarding talent and being able to find the pockets and angles that set Leicester in a position to win games.

KDH is doing a job in the midfield area but needs to be more part of the play to really have any impact at all as results are seldom down to his type of play and still far from a solution for a constructive midfield. If Leicester sell Maddison and Tielemans in the summer, Leicester will lose all their midfield power regarding assists and goals from this area in the team.

If you use any type of analytical approach to the game you will see that Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall is just a carrier and of course that can be an important skill, but TCF feel that being a player in this area of the field and being able to contribute to winning football matches you need more assets to your game.

Looking at his stats so far he should be the last man to be regarded as a future Leicester captain and England international since his contribution is not lethal and he needs a lot of improvement in other areas of his game to be anything as suggested.

Sorry but this looks more like a brain wash than good quality talk from pundits who goes blind and are rating qualities of Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall in a very strange way as all stats and analysis is almost the opposite.

KDH made his debut in Premier League vs. Norwich this season and has since been part of a Leicester team that has struggled heavily and not really made any progress with injury talk being addressed as the most important reason for this dip in form.

To see Brendan Rodgers looking at KDH as his most trusted player in midfield without any involvement at all last season when Leicester were mostly top four with Mendy, Tielemans, Ndidi and Maddison all being important players and also Dennis Praet doing a good job, not to forget a bit of impact from Hamza Choudhury makes this terrible to listen to and watch.

To put this finally to bed, give KDH less importance as he is a carrier and a hard working midfielder, but not in any way able to run a midfield at Leicester as long as they are looking up the table and not settling for a struggle in the bottom or being a Championship outfit.


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