Still hoping Youri Tielemans will stay at Leicester as surprice candidate appears with Christian Eriksen looking the perfect fit

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We still believe Leicester could end up as winners regarding Youri Tielemans future, as we cannot see a move to Spurs or Arsenal being considered. Real Madrid could be, but stil no offers on the table and we just have to wait and see.

So who could fit the bill and be slotted in if Tielemans makes his move away. Looking at players who can do a similar job you have a few and we have looked at stats to find the ideal replacement.

First we have compared Youri Tielemans with Christian Eriksen. They are very similar and looking at the stats they are almost identical in play. Eriksen on 54, Tielemans on 52 this season. Eriksen looks the perfect fit to replace Youri Tielemans.

The Athletic Leicester correspondant Rob Tanner did recognize the name Vitaly Janelt as a possible option also playing at Brentford, so interesting to see how this former RB Leipzig player would fit the pattern. He looks far from being a direct replacement with a low ratio of 36, and also appearing to be a bit different than Youri Tielemans, so he is not among those top three TCF would recommend.

Another player coming out of those analysis is Jon Moncayola who we also have put up alongside Youri Tielemans in our check. The Osasuna midfielder looks a bit more physical and might not have the same attributes all together and his ratio is a bit below.

The third player to be suggested is Conor Gallagher. He is similar to Tielemans in many ways but the fact that he has little or no penetration with through balls makes him a bit different and could be one that at first notice looks good, but will struggle to find Jamie Vardy in the small pockets and that is a crucial part of the core at Leicester.

Danny Drinkwater is a free agent in the summer and his life as a footballer has flourished a bit this season making steady performances for Reading as they survived in League Championship. Only one goal and one assist is not enough to fill a gap after Youri Tielemans, but at his best, a player that can play those through balls to Jamie Vardy and would have been interesting to see how our former great could have managed a move back as his role in the team would fit perfectly, though age and standard might be against him. Tielemans and Drinkwater are similar types and the through ball pass, the eye for a goal and at his best a perfect slot.

Another to look at is Naby Keita at Liverpool who has the ability to play those through balls and also like Christian Eriksen is likely to be able to fill a gap after Youri Tielemans. Keita was earlier linked with Leicester, and on the fringe, so a possible addition.

Then we have Hakim Ziyech at Chelsea another player that has a massive amount of through balls can score goals and also able to play in the same position, though his appearance at Chelsea is a bit more offensive. His link up play and through ball abillites are on a higher level than Tielemans.

Looking at this in perspective Christian Eriksen looks the perfect fit, Zayech is a bit different but do have the abilites Leicester will miss the most. Keita is also a good alternative with Drinkwater being the surprise and one few believe would able to go back were he once was cemented. As a free transfer alternative, and if others are either outpriced or looking at Leicester as a no go, DD would grab it with both hands.


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