Happy for James Maddison as he picks up player of the season award stats never lie and gives you the best answers

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TCF believes this is well deserved and a no brainer. His presence this season makes up the numbers and he does what attacking midfielders should do, scoring goals, making assists and playing his team mates better. Maddison does his moves on the pitch that builds a good and solid pattern.

Watching his game you will easily see that he can take on any opponent, keep the ball to his feet and often getting free kicks. He also takes of pressure with movement, passes and touches, in some way a gift.

Looking at James Maddison and his stats, you will find the answers. If you are just a watcher of the game and you don’t really care about stats and the analytical part of it, you should really not talk much about anything, as you will soon find out that feelings alone can give you the wrong picture.

Often wise to use analytics to get the thorough picture of a situation, and if you trust them as you should do, you have a job to do if your answers before checking are different.

James Maddison is this season on 52 points, Youri Tielemans also adds up 52 points. Nampalys Mendy is on 44 points. Bouba Soumare is also 44. A lot of people rate Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall highly and he get a lot of praise, but according to his stats, he is on the lowest rate among Leicester midfielders, only 43, We do see a player with great energy and work ethic, but in the end these stats will give you the truth. Wilfred Ndidi is also adding up a good tally and is also on 52.

Football is not about fighting, running and tackling if you can’t do what you should do with the ball. Wilfred Ndidi, Youri Tielemans and James Maddison is a fluent trio and they do fill each other out and together they add up 156 points. They are all three scoring highly rates as their special skills are keys to the job they are based to do in this football team.

We are fully behind this player of the season award and in real everyone could see against Watford how Maddison contributes to the team and how much his involvement is worth. This is allready documented by stats and analytics.


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