Leicester new 22/23 kit launch with exciting details revealed as new logo and Germany World Cup kit can give a clue

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What we know about the new kit is the following: It will be Adidas, it will be with the new Adidas logo and the home kit will be blue shirts. The rest is a riddle and as we have earlier seen hopefully it will be in the shops early on and used at home vs. Southampton in the last game of the season, or will this season be different and we have to wait longer?

The German national kit is also on launch soon and will be in a new look. This could be an indication on how Leicester also will be branded and seen next season.

TCF is in favour of traditional colours and not all those changes and differences which in a way waters out the identity of the club as we really cannot be sure as the full palette is in use.

We all know that blue will be the main colour, but to change the away and third kit every season makes it all a bit odd. We do like the white as a tradition for the 2nd kit and the third, who knows?

If this concept kit is anything to go by Germany will be in a modern and new fashion with the new Adidas logo and of course a new pattern on the kit.

There are a few other websites who reports on the new jersey, but we just have to wait and see what happens as next chapter opens up about the new kit.


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