Football clubs of Leicestershire and their place in the non-league pyramid as we take a trip through the tiers

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Jon Stevenson currently the player manager of Melton Town is one that we remember from the first team at Leicester early in this century playing a part from 2000 to 2003 before a move around to several parties occured. He is still active at the age of 39, turning 40 in October.

Melton Town play in the United Counties League Premier Division North and this is the 9th level of English football. The club is based in Melton Mowbray.

Leicester did play Aylestone Park with their development squad a few days ago. This club is known for being Gary Lineker’s first relation with active club football. Aylestone Park are based in Leicester and play their home games at Saffron Lane. The fact Leicester play these non-league clubs in the county and city during pre-season is of great importance as it lifts the spirit and also makes these clubs coming to terms with levels above and possible progression. Aylestone Park are based in the pyramid at the 10th level.

At present no clubs from Leicestershire besides Leicester are playing in the EFL and you have to move on down to the 7th tier to find the club closest in league football, Coalville Town. Currently in Premier Central Divison. Billy Kee is a known player with a past at Leicester and several other league clubs. Hinckley LRFC, Loughborough Dynamo, Shepshed Dynamo and Harborough Town are all on the 8th level. Hinckley LRFC play their home games at Leicester Road Stadium. Another club in the town is Hinckley AFC who are in the 10th tier. Harborough Town is based in Market Harborough and winners of United Counties League as they got promoted last season.

Looking further, a place we have seen Leicester playing a few friendlies is in Quorn. They also hosted the women team of Leicester a few seasons back at The Farley Way Stadium. Quorn FC are at present at level 9 and among the better non-league clubs in the shire.

You will find a number of clubs in the 9th tier. Loughborough University, Anstey Nomads, Heather St John’s FC, Leicester Nirvana who are all based in group North. Oadby Town and Lutterworth Town are in group South.

As mentioned earlier Aylestone Park do play in the 10th tier with a number of other Leicestershire clubs present as counted, Barrow Town, Birstall United, Holwell Sports, Kirkby Moxloe, Saffron Dynamo and St. Andrews.

Below this level you have more action as we do love to see football played all around and more clubs to look up in the city and the shire. This is from the 11th tier and downwards.

  • Leicestershire
    • Premier League
      • Leicester City
    • 7th tier
      • Coalville Town
    • 8th tier
      • Hinckley LRFC
      • Loughborough Dynamo
      • Shepshed Dynamo
      • Harborough Town
    • 9th tier
      • Loughborough University
      • Quorn FC
      • Anstey Nomads
      • Heather St John’s
      • Leicester Nirvana
      • Oadby Town
      • Lutterworth Town
    • 10th tier
      • Aylestone Park
      • Barrow Town
      • Birstall United
      • Holwell Sports
      • Kirkby Moxloe
      • Saffron Dynamo
      • St. Andrews


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