Shocking as Leicester did see heavy 7-2 defeat by South African Stellenbosch FC in final of Next Gen Cup 2022

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Leicester had seen their development team reaching the final of the Next Gen Cup 2022 with a good result vs. Bengaluru and entered the final with hope of a win and lifting a trophy.

But to see the outcome became a shocking experience with Stellenbosch FC making their name seen and their players hammering Leicester to pieces as the also did with Forest in their previous game.

Leicester had a good line-up and of course hope of something else, but Stellenbosch FC never looked back and dominated this game from start to the finish line. Leicester had a bit of challenge in the first minutes and coming back from 0-2 with a nice shot from Kean Pennant, 1-2. A new goal and a hat-trick from Devan Titus after just 22 minutes, impressive. Leicester did see 3-2 after 28 minutes, when Amani Richards scored from close range. No Popov in the team as the 3 goal man from the previous match was absent.

Leicester had no look in after this. Stellenbosch FC scored one more in the first half settling for 4-2 after 45 minutes. Three more goals in the 2nd half from The South Africans, made it a top day for them with a strange outcome for Leicester.

Leicester had the following line-up; Kelechi Chibueze, Jahamari Lindsay, Ben Grist, Harvey Godsmark-Ford, Amani Richards, Henry Cartwright, William Alves (C), Brandon Cover, Logan Briggs, Kian Pennant, Jayden Joseph, Subs; Mirsad Ali, Arlo Doherty, Tom Wilson-Brown, Jack Lewis, Aboullah Javaid.

Strange and sad to see such a result at home with a trophy to fight for, but still hopefully a wake up call for Leicester as they finish their preperations in front of the new season with a great number of interesting games to play in Europe, League and Cup.

To do follow up on all pre-season fixtures and have just updated it with a few more results.


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