Leicester losing ground as Bournemouth and AC Milan wins battles for players seen as ideal signings for Brendan Rodgers

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Recent talk from Brendan Rodgers shows us all that he is not understanding the full picture of the financial situation at the club and it looks as those monthly updates and financial statuses might be overlooked by the man in charge of the team.

Over the last number of transfer windows we have seen deals done that Leicester cannot afford as they have signed second and even third alternatives for inflated prices.

Leicester are still hopeful of doing business but with the tally of players you cannot do anything in respect for those massive signings. Trolling players in with lies might not be the best idea as we have seen the treatment of Papy Mendy and Adrien Silva as the worst. You cannot do stuff like that to a professional player and believe you have the full trust of those players.

Brendan Rodgers knows that the club cannot sell players without proper offers coming in. Most of the fringe players at Leicester will of course like to play football, but not really if they lose millions on a move.

Charles De Ketelaere has been linked with Leicester for a number of months and he would have fancied a move to Premier League but with no bids and no clear evidence of interest it looks almost certain that the Belgian international will join AC Milan.

Marcus Tavernier has also found a new club in Premier League. The Middlesbrough midfielder was seen as a player possible to land for Leicester but instead he has now been a confirmed Bournemouth signing. Scott Parker is one manager to watch as his learning curve looks ideal, to see him go for Tavernier is interesting.

We all know that every player in the rumour room will not be signing for Leicester and we also know that the squad at the moment is one fantastic and that to keep Tielemans, Maddison and Fofana must be top priority as the worst you can do is to splash out cash on a player that cannot do what you believe he should.

Leicester are in no hurry of any type of siging if they keep what they got, but we all know that Leicester have to sell to keep the club floating and that is the lesson of today.


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