The kingdom of great relations and hopes for change as fantastic start to the season in Belgium makes big smiles

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The relations of Khun Top and his family goes all the way to the British monarchy. His status is massive and hopes are that all his plans for Leicester will be set into the open.

Certainly worries are out there as we do see what has happened this summer, but over in Belgium sister club OH Leuven have started brilliantly and are currently 4th.

The results over in Belgium is a bit sensational and Europe looks in sight as the empire of football grows and could be one lucky draw for Khun Top and his project.

In their latest game vs. Charleroi a late winner settled the score 3-2 to OH Leuven as they picked up their 5th win in 8th games. In this game they played a system well known to Leicester fans as it was a brilliant formula back in 5000/1.

OH Leuven came out in a 4-4-1-1 system and as we all know that worked well for Leicester some years back and in real what would be the ideal system for Leicester going forward as it also can be seen as a 4-2-3-1.

27 year old play maker Mathieu Maertens is a key player in that role just behind the top forward. The 27 year old has been at OH Leuven since 2017. This team is progressing with a bright set up.

Midfielder Kristiyan Malinov is also to be noticed. A 28 year old Bulgarian international with 29 caps for his country, joined from CSKA Sofia in 2018. The teams is set together in a grand mix and seen great progress as they look to have find the correct formula.

Manager Marc Brys has a very interesting project on going as the experienced Belgian could bring much needed success to the King Power soccer settlement.


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