What if? An alternative history of Leicester City talking of Ice Kings and Gary Lineker as we bring on Man City

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The news of Man City and the FA investigation will bring a few other topics to the table as Leicester lost out on Champions League qualification ending 5th in 2019/20 and 2020/21. This of course would have brought much more revenue and possibilities for the club as Man City would have been out of the race.

The fact that Leicester ended outside that CL position was a massive blow for the club and of course Brendan Rodgers status as a manager would have been at a level you can just imagine.

This would also have given the club a higher shelf to buy from as top players would have chosen Leicester with the possibility to play in Champions League.

All sales done by the club of top playrs such as Harry Maguire, Wesley Fofana and Ben Chilwell could have been avoided and you can imagine what type of results that would have brought.

Teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, PSG, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and all English clubs could have been visitors on a regular basis to King Power Stadium.

We have seen a struggling club in the last two seasons of course being in Europe, but still competing in Europa League and Conference League is not the same arena.

If you look at the situation, the club could have been lucky in chases of players at a higher shelf, and of course avoided the situation wie have seen with Youri Tielemans, eager to get into these type of tournaments to progress as a player.

If Man City are found guilty of what they are accused for they have in real damaged Leicester heavily and brought a minor club huge problems as they took a position they in real was not entitled to.

This bring a grim picture of what football has become and in real questions must be raised regarding ownership in the game.

Watching this as the hours goes by and of course waiting for the outcome to appear, is of course interesting to follow. We will see if Man City is found guilty and what type of punishment they will receive.

Looking at this in perspective you will of course see that Leicester would have been on a different planet with two years of Champions League football, something that will never appear, if Man City are found guilty.


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