A seldom affair but it can turn out a blessing in disguise as player return to Leicester gives proof of promotion

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Danny Drinkwater has not played football since being released by Chelsea last summer. He could probably have jumped at a number of offers, but at the age of 33, you need to be careful what type of decision you make for your next move.

Strangeley it all ended nowhere as DD took a vecation from football and consentrating on other projects, but still have ambition to return to the professional game if the right offer comes along.

In the past we have seen players return to the club, not so often, but a few names comes to mind over the years helping the club getting promoted, one of them was Paul Dickov.

Dickov returned to the club in front of the 08/09 season, coming on a free from Man City. He joined at the age of 35, He had only played 16 times in the league over the last two seasons, and came to Leicester with the right personal ambition and attitude and helped Leicester back up as they won League One and got promoted.

Eddie Kelly is another grand example of a player who returned to the club from a lower league team, at the time coming in after a short stay at Bournemouth, to take part in the 1982/83 promotion push under Gordon Milne.

Danny Drinkwater has had a number of setbacks during his days at Chelsea, but he has a past of winning promotion from Championship level at Leicester as well as winning Premier League two years later, building his foundation of an upbringing at Man Utd that was pivotal for his progress and also gave him a call up to become an England full international, and later a player with a price tag of £35million.

He is two years younger than Paul Dickov and around the same age as Eddie Kelly at the time, and with a mind set to get his career back on track and given a chance to play when called on, it could be a blessing in disguise.

But again would be very surprised to see him return to the club, but again it has worked before and it could again if the club, manager and player are on right terms coming to the ambition set.


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