Leicester appoint new assistant manager as Enzo Maresco project in all fairness looks strange and surprising so far

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Talks were that Roberto Vitiello should be the next assistant manager at Leicester, but his past as a player and being cought in match fixing, might have scared of the Leicester establishment in hiring him. Esteban Cambiasso was another name circulating as well, but Maresca has instead, surprisingly, appointed former Southampton goalkeeper Willy Cabellero in this role.

The former Chelsea and Man City goalkeeper has not directly been involved with Enzo Maresca in the past, but the two played together at Malaga.

Willy Caballero has been in England since joining Man City, and later playing for Chelsea and Southampton, and during his days at St. Mary’s also being involved in coaching and matters regarding players and man management. The project with The Saints looks a difficult one, as it all went down hill and ended in relegation, working with a number of different managers during his two years stay at the club.

No one could see this coming, but hopefully it will be one move that makes sense in day to day life at the club, as it on paper looks strange and surprising and makes this staff of people a group who needs time to gell as a new and unproved set up of people both within the unit, towards the players, administration, development team and academy.

There are of course a lot of good words to find about Willy Caballero and his background as a player will in no doubt be valuable with grand experience of different aspects of the game. He has in the past two years at Southampton had a role towards management and player relations as well as being a cover for the first team goalkeepers.

We certainly hope everything will be in shape for the season opener vs. Coventry, but the Enzo Maresca project so far cannot say to have ticked all boxes, and with Willy Caballero joining as assistant manager, we do have to see this as strange, surprising, a bit risky and not really an “A4” appointment.


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