New structure for Premier League 2 explained as Leicester are seen among the 26 clubs to participate

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We all believed Leicester U.21 had seen their relegation from the top flight last season, but new rules and changes in the set up will see the club being part of the top flight.

Leicester are among the clubs to have the highest standards in their academy and in that way qualifies for the highest level, with relegation and promotion removed.

There will be groups of teams all playing 20 games in total, but still move up and down as the season goes ahead. More like the European Cup’s and hopefully making it all a better competition with the main care is to develope players to become first teamers, so in that way, hopefully it works as counted.

The teams will be divided into five pots based on performances over the past three seasons. Fixtures will be determined by a draw made according to clubs’ positions in the five seeded pots. So far no one knows in what group Leicester will be playing and who their opponents will be.

To read further, Mirror, have a good report.


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