Why Leicester will win this transfer race, Arsenal, Man Utd and Spurs cannot compete with the same guarantee

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English pundits are often out talking up the top six clubs and believe they can attract players just because they have a certain badge. That is no longer the situation, and players are out to play football, not sit in the stands, or on the bench.

After watching how players like Alexis Sanchez, Danny Drinkwater and Riyad Mahrez have been treated at their current “top six clubs” those playing well in teams below will of course watch and see what can happen.

A move to a new club, after doing well somewhere else is a huge risk and you can end up in the stands or as best on the bench. Youri Tielemans is in great form at the moment playing in a team where he is perfect, getting the support he needs from Wilfred Ndidi and today against Arsenal also getting defensive cover from Hamza Choudhury.

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Tielemans is perfect for Leicester, and this young man knows that. He is a player that would probably drown at Man Utd, with a Paul Pogba doing this job and Tielemans would be a cover, why should Man Utd sign him, he is the one doing the creative job at Leicester, so no, Man Utd will probably not go for Tielemans.

Leicester also at the moment have Adrien Silva at Monaco, and his presence there is pleasing the club and fans. He is totally different type of player than Tielemans and the loan swop has worked well in both camps.

Both parties are interested in doing this deal, and we believe that Tottenham, Man Utd or Arsenal will not use £40 million on a player they don’t really have a plan for. Youri Tielemans is young guy, who had problems with adapting to the role he was given at Monaco and he never really played well. At Leicester he has slotted in perfectly in a role similar to the one he had at Anderlecht.

His presence at Leicester is fantastic, and the way Tielemans celebrates after scoring the first goal against Arsenal shows that he has deep belief in the project going on at King Power at the moment, with the belief that Brendan Rodgers can really challenge the top six next season.

A lot of the players at Leicester are very young, blended with a few experienced characters and with another season together they will be a handfull and probably be a better team all together than the one winning the league title a few years back.

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We would be very surprised to see Tielemans joining Arsenal, Tottenham or Man Utd with the players they have at their disposal in the role of Tielemans, and cannot really see a picture of those clubs paying such a fee for one they would probably see as a random used player.

Tielemans “consultants” would advice a player of his young age to play football week in and week out in the best league in the World, in his preferred position at a club were everyone loves him and believe in him, than risk another move to a “bigger” club that will not hand him the chances needed.

TCF believe that the move for Tielemans will be completed by Leicester as soon as an agreement is made with Adrien Silva and that a swop will be happening with both parties getting what they want.

Puel management discussed, what does the cunning fox say, listening to the local vocal

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The Sun printed a story about owners and their worry of unrest at the training ground, coming from the local vocal, Rob Tanner, the head Leicester City journalist at Mercury, saying this is all strange as owners never talk much to the media

Tanner describes the situation as odd, believing that all that comes from the owners at Leicester City is written in the matchday program and besides that none or very few public announcements are done.

To just fabricate a story about unrest looks odd, and why Tanner just dismiss everything as speculations is a surprise. The reason we just don’t believe this as just a fabricated story is the fact that often such rumors are coming from somewhere and we all know that owners speak to staff and players at times, and that they are surely getting their reports.

Tcf is not involved in the day to day plans of Claude Puel, have no idea of what the owners are thinking or doing and have no relations to any of the players at the club, so this talk is based on what we read between the lines, what we feel is expressed and the talk of Puel himself and his communication.

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The stats and numbers build up around Puel’s performances looks good and his fasit so far is, from last season: 9th in the Premier League, quarter finals in both cups, this season: 10th in the Premier League, still in the EFL Cup and surely not a record for sacking a manager at Leicester City.

The problem for Puel is his home record over the last games, and the end to last season, which was very poor. Goals conceded this term looks totally unnecessary. Puel have a defense far from being a finished article and he looks uncertain about the use of the trio Marc Albrighton, James Maddison and Kelechi Ihenacho, who are switched between positions or left on the bench.

Fans and also local vocal, Rob Tanner, seems to be uncertain about what type of system Leicester City are playing from time to time. To set the record straight, this team is not playing with three defenders in the back and they are still a 4-4-1-1 team, despite being seen as a 4-2-3-1, which it could be, if you like it to be, but that is surely not the case since both flanks are going deeper and not staying up alongside Iheanacho or Maddison in that role behind the top forward. Describing the back four as a back three is also strange, since Amartey and Pereira both looks very much playing to the right, and Chilwell, is a left back and not a left flank, but of course going forward a lot. Morgan or Evans together with Maguire is the two in center, surely a back four. Pereira has been pushed forward and then Mark Albrighton has been moved to the bench.

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All credit to Puel for his awakening of Papy Mendy. The central midfield is working fine. Jamie Vardy has been accompanied by Kelechi Iheanacho or James Maddison in those two roles up front.

See that many websites such as Sky Sports and Soccerway describes Leicester City as playing 4-2-3-1, but that is not the case, they are playing 4-4-1-1, or even 4-4-2 when playing Iheanacho in the team alongside Jamie Vardy. You can argue and discuss this back and forward, but a fact is that when using different type of players you get different kinds of movement, and with Maddison and Iheanacho, it’s like salt and pepper, surely a big difference, but both types needed to balance it right.

Leicester is in transformation, but Puel cannot use Premier League as an arena for experiments and testing, not for long. If he cannot win games, no one will listen to his talk, since football is very simple and fans are going to a game to see their team win, or at least get a draw against a good opponent, losing will always be a dissappointment who ever you play.

If you see a manager after a win, he smiles and looks just like the fan, happy, when losing you get all the complains and explanations about what went wrong and as we all know, winning is everything, you don’t have to explain or complain.

We don’t believe the local vocal, Rob Tanner, in his dismissal of the unrest. We do believe Tanner in his belief that the owners are still backing Claude Puel. Tcf is still in favor of Puel, as Tanner is. As Tanner also says, tired of Leicester City sacking managers. We believe as long as Leicester are in the top half of the table, Puel is fine, so we agree with Tanner in most of his sayings.

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But to say that The Sun have no clue of what the owners might think, is a bit out of line, since why should the national press use space on Leicester City, when there are more and other stories to write about that surely will be of much more interest among football fans and readers in the UK, than using space on a club from a city of no real interest for others than their own people.

The unrest might be entitled to the fact that there are too many players currently on wait to be shipped out, having fantastic contracts at the club that they just would like to see their payments of, and surely no club can give those players the same amount of money as they receive at the moment.

Discipline is also something we would address as a possible reason for the unrest, as we have seen in the past at the club, during the Thai owners reign, with the Pearson affair, Mahrez going on strike and Simpson’s problems in the start of his days at the club. Jamie Vardy also had a difficult time after joining the club, not being able to adapt to the professional lifestyle. As described openly club owners directly dealt with Vardy themselves, and got him on the right track.

Other worries that Puel has been describing himself is the language barrier for newly signed Caglar Soyuncu who has missed his chance to make a first team debut due to the fact that he cannot communicate with other players, not speaking English. That is of course of great worry when used £19 million on a player, who is left out of a team due to not talking a certain language.

Vicente Iborra has said, in an earlier interview, that he had less or no contact with other players besides the training and during games, so surely the mix of the squad, previous episodes and the fact that Puel is himself using an interpreter would surely not be ideal.

The fact that Puel’s decided to replace his closest ally from last season, English speaking assistant manager Michael Appleton, and replacing him with a new French assistant who has not yet given an interview in English, probably also gives you a bit of a challenge in your communication and how you are getting your ideas on board. Reasons enough to see unrest, and adding it all up you might have a picture not ideal for moving a club forward.

Newcastle 0, Leicester 2, positives and negatives, player ratings and match report

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Leicester came up to St James Park as favorites for todays game with a good run of games under their belt. Newcastle and Rafa Benitez has a bit of a crisis and were also without their top target man Jose Rondon.

As always Tcf is not in line with the team selection of Puel and as we had predicted Wes Morgan was back, partnering Harry Maguire, who had been under a bit of criticism, had his rest against Wolves, and was back to his very best.

Pereira was pushed forward, giving space for Daniel Amartey at right back and today against a team like Newcastle, Amartey functioned as an alternative to the right, but again Puel has a bit of problem with the right back position.

The game was relatively open in the first 30 minutes without really being a very entertaining affair. In the 30th minute Harry Maguire went up for a challenge in the Newcastle penalty area and a handball from Yedlin results in a penalty

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Jamie Vardy is the preferred penalty taker and he converts, City are in the lead. Vardy’s shot is down in the left side corner and it’s a good penalty never really any doubt about the outcome. Leicester controls the situation and goes into half time with a secure lead.

Newcastle looked pure, just pure, during the game and it’s easy to see that Rafe Benitez is struggling to find a solution, and again not able to put almost no pressure on Kasper Schmeichel and Leicester City during 90 minutes.

2nd half is again very much Leicester City and to see the team in this way is great, 59 % ball possession and really tearing Newcastle apart. The 2-0 goal was a beauty from Harry Maguire going so high in the air that you would think he would come down again.

James Maddison’s corner is also perfect for Maguire to hit, high above the birds, and so well placed that the Newcastle goalkeeper Dubravka has no chance to save it.

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Leicester dominated this clash after 2-0 and full control as earlier said against a Newcastle team without spirit, but that is not Claude Puels concern. To see this team today, not as Tcf would have seen the line-up, is encouraging and all credit to Puel who shows that he was right in his team selection.

No one is wrong in selection when you win a football game, and as long as Claude Puel win games, then no one can complain. When you win 2-0 away and also have more possession than your opponent, you are immune.

The defense today looked solid and especially the partnership between Wes Morgan was one working well, but again this Newcastle team was weak and without any striking power at all, looked totally toothless.

  • Positives:
    • Winning away is always a bonus, great credit to the manager and team
    • Maddison and Maguire running the show, great performance
    • Vardy scoring from the penalty spot, good taken penalty
    • Keeping a clean sheet, solid defensively
    • 12 points, just three points behind a top 4 spot
    • Puel a bit out of the pressure zone, hopefully he will get things right
    • To keep possession and also scoring goals is showing solidity
  • Negatives:
    • Knocks on Vardy and Maddison, hopefully nothing serious
  • Player Ratings: Schmeichel 6. Amartey 6, Chilwell 6, Morgan 7, Maguire 9, Mendy 7, Ndidi 7, Vardy 7, Iheanacho 6, Maddison 8, Pereira 6, Subs: Albrighton, Iborra,

Match Stats: H/A

  • Possession: 41 / 59
  • Corners: 5 / 9
  • Shots on target: 3 / 3
  • Shots wide: 2 / 4
  • Fouls: 10 / 5
  • Offsides: 1 / 0


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