Leicester to make summer visit to Rajamangala as Liverpool and Spurs will be opponents in pre-season

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This pre-season looks like being from another planet and a bit like the pre-season plan after winning Premier League, playing Barcelona, PSG and Celtic, this time Leicester will fly out to Bangkok and Singapore for games against Liverpool and Tottenham.

Leicester will play Spurs in Bangkok on the 23rd of July, the game against Liverpool is scheduled at the 30th of July in Singapore.

Leicester will know their league faith in the next few days and a lot is in the air at present. The club is yet to announce anything, as the news do come from the two other clubs.

Leicester will play Spurs at the Rajamangala Stadium with a capacity of 51 552. The game against Liverpool will be played at Singapore National Stadium, having a capacity of 55 000.

Liverpool have allready announced their East Asia pre-season tour. Strangely Leicester have not yet given any information about them playing either Liverpool or Spurs.

As soon as we have more information about more games, you will give you our update from our special pre-season page directly on the menu, coming when season ends.


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