Leicester backpass as we take a look on the great escape of May 91 surviving relegation in final game of the season

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19011 had turned up at Filbert Street to chair on the Leicester team for their final game of the season, with a possible chance of staying up winning this tie against Oxford.

Oxford were safe and landed in 10th position, while Leicester had to win or at least get a better result than West Bromwich.

Looking at this game in perspective the club are in a worse position now and as they had in their own hands back in 91, this time we do need to wait and see what happens at Goodison Park even if Leicester win their game.

The seasons was also similar as now, with manager from the start of the season David Pleat sacked and caretaker out the season Gordon Lee taking over. Lee was actually Pleat’s assistant until he left, but the experienced Lee, previously in charge of Blackburn, Newcastle and Everton, never really managed to do much about the problems as the situation was a bit status quo from the time Pleat left.

David Pleat had done well at Tottenham and Luton in the past, and a manager that Leicester hoped would give them a lift, but he never managed to get the formula correct at the club as they remained a middle 2nd tier team over the years he was in charge.

Looking at the players playing on the day, you surely cannot understand how they had problems to survive in the 2nd tier, most of them having experience from a higher level and being quality players.

Martin Hodge was in goal, the outfield players were Tony Spearing, Steve Walsh, Tony James, Gary Mills. Ali Mouchlen, Tommy Wright, Kevin Russell, Paul Reid, Mark North and David Kelly up front. Experienced midfielder Paul Ramsey was on the bench, he came in for Ali Mouchlen.

Leicester scored the only goal of the game. it was Tony James who scored. A great goal that made it possible for the club to regroup and under Brian Little the next season, Leicester fought in the other end of the table, reaching the play-off final.

We just have to wait and see what will happen and hopefully we will have another “Tony James” in the Leicester team, making that crucial goal, and in all fearness that looks very much possible.


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