Leicester again to appear in special cup of summer, as Norwegian fans gather for tournament

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The Supporters Union Cup of British clubs will this year be played at Snarøya, Oslo on the 17th of June

This is a yearly event and in the past teams have even had previous players of their fsvourite clubs in play.

Leicester last played in the tournanent as far back as 2002, and now making a comeback 21 years later, and a few of those playing back then will be in the team also this time.

The group of younger Leicester fans are growing, but still most of this over the sea fanbase are in their 50’s and 60’s.

Over the years a number of special guests have been present to watch the fans teams, and one of the spectators from that last Leicester entering was Peter Barnes watching his Man City being defeated by Leicester.

Leicester surprisingly reached the quarter finals back in 2002, losing to Luton on penalties.

Back then Wimbledon was the top team, at present Ipswich are doing well, being the title holder.

We hope for nice weather and a good gathering.


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