Player near and certain to leave as Leicester do appear as one of several in chase

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Leicester left a gap not filled in the goalkeeper position when Kasper Schmeichel left last summer.

Daniel Iversen and Danny Ward became the alternatives, but so far not really given anyone a good feeling about the long term goalkeeper job.

Leicester fans are a bit spoiled regarding the goalkeeper position and will not settle for anything but top quality.

Having seen Gordon Banks, Peter Shilton, Mark Wallington, Tim Flowers, Kasey Keller, Ian Walker and Kasper Schmeichel being in goal for Leicester over the last number of decades gives a good indication.

Yann Sommer of Bayern Munich is a name to appear and we regard this to be a rumour to look at, and the first to appear as cool in our list. He looks certain to leave Bayern, with a near return of Manuel Neuer to happen, as the German International is close to full recovery from a past injury.

Sommer himself is a very experienced shotstopper and at 34 still highly rated. Played a number of seasons at Borussia Monchengladbach before making his move to Bayern Munich this season.

Leicester could be an option even if they go down with Sommer looking for a number one job and the Swizz International might be an ideal alternative.

The link to Leicester appear soft at this moment, but the fact that Sommer is leaving Bayern is secure, and we do see sources at a top tier reporting on the possibility of a Leicester move.


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