Calvert-Lewin meets the fox in the henhouse as management looks to answers for failure

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Still a chance for survival with everything going in the correct direction, and with news of a weakened Everton side without their top forward Dominic Calvert-Lewin in their line-up, we can still have sweet dreams.

Nevertheless reports are that an internal review will take place this week at LCFC as every stone shall be turned to find the answers to failures and recent declines.

The Athletic reports on the matter and in their article they in some way confirm that CEO Susan Whelan and Director of Football John Rudkin are leading it all. Surely answers from such an investigation will be like having the fox in the henhouse.

But it hopefully is one first look at the shambles taking place and the failed transition of trying to change Leicester from a fox into a massive elephant, not really possible taking everything into consideration.

Luton and Coventry will this Saturday fight for a possible chance to reach Premier League and their approach looks solid and thorough, taking the correct and minor steps into a life of dreams.

Clubs of this size in fanbase and popularity goes with their humble approach to just consentrate on building a first team able to compete, with a squad in quality and cameradery among players in a correct fit.

We certainly hope that Leicester of course will survive and not drop into the tier below as struggles will be worse, could be a fall that could be very difficult to handle.

Any investigation going on will see the obvious as it all goes down to how players of the first team are able to compete and how the manager build his team and set up. How contracts and squad logistics are controlled and how young players from academy level are brought on in a good combination with needed transfers in and out, and of course knowing every bits and peaces of a players understanding of his move to the club and having contracts in place that does not come in conflict with the clubs long term ambition. The total financial base, negative or positive, must be in balance and in no way come in conflict with the goals set for on field priorities. One example of such is using more than £200 million in the last few years on players not really seen as regular players in the first team and even being loaned out to other clubs.

We also know from the past that special boundaries and energy in a team and environment cannot be build on paper, it will be based on specai harmonies in place and then sweet music will appear.

We all know how results and one or two transfers in and out can make those changes happen, lets hope for positives and nice feelings to build on and make a survival possible with a win tomorrow #leiwhu


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