Foxes among talents that will flush the established stars out of position in Premier League action

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We have allready seen how young players now are introduced to the big scene and Leicester City manager Claude Puel is one leading this fantastic rise of youngsters coming through.

But Claude Puel is not the only one, and he is giving youth a chance because they are good enough and have a great mentality and the way the have been “nursed” in the academies in England.

The professional game is growing and English players especially are now showing the way, and they are of course inspired by the recent results from the England younger teams winning territory in the World Cup’s.

The recent rise of players such as Hamza Choudhury, Harvey Barnes, Demarai Gray, Ben Chilwell, Wilfred Ndidi, Kelechi Iheanacho and especially James Maddison, shows that they are all at a very young age taking on their challenge in the best way possible.

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If you look at the younger players at the moment, they are taking steps so fast that the revolution will be seen and established stars will have to step up and only the very best of players with the best mentality and training ethics will survive.

Claude Puel is considering bringing back Harvey Barnes from West Bromwich Albion, but he will have to be careful to not stop the progress of the England U.20 international. Another player to watch carefully is youngster Callum Wright, who at the age of 18 is fast progressing.

Wright has this season been introduced to the development set up at Leicester City and so far made two appearances, and to watch his progress is something we would like to highlight. Raul Uche is also a player to watch, spending time on loan at Betis last season, and now at the age of 20, showing good progression.

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The change will happen faster than we probably would like to see, but they are all stepping up. We will not forget Benkovic and Soyuncu either, not at all “old people” so hopefully the plan is to build a strong team around this group of youngsters and keep some of the established players with the best work ethic and professionalism around them.

The next level of performance by youngsters are allready seen at youth level, delivering “at the moment” some of the most talented players in the World. Waiting decade after decade for a group of players to flourish is down to the code of disiplin, work ethic and science. English clubs are among the best in the World to use analytical methods to get the best results and nutricion methods that will make the players all healthy and progress from the days of big steaks and five beers after a game.

Let’s follow this progress, interesting to see how young English players now will be able to take the World scene. Chilwell is a great example of a player that has taken huge steps in just three seasons, still only 21 years of age, getting more and more confident in his position.


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