Very interesting views from the New Tottenham Stadium, Leicester City are closing in on top target

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Well informed Spurs website Harry Hotspur are out with their latest thoughts and views about a possible Youri Tielemans move to The New Tottenham Stadium. This is a “stopper” and not going any further.

Mauricio Pochettino got the opportunity to sign the Belgian international in January, but nothing happened and other clubs such as Man City and Man Utd were not in the picture at all, and it all became Leicester City.

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Tielemans performances at Leicester are seen as “very good” but the real truth is that games against Man Utd, Tottenham and Man City were all lost and “zero” points picked up from those three games, so how much of an idea it is to bring in Tielemans is not easy to know.

According to the Spurs website, Tielemans agent is ready to get things concrete and Leicester City are at this point the only club to have shown enough interest to be seen as a potential deal going through.

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The big question is, how will this deal look like and can Leicester City pull it all of with a number of fees being paid after such and such games, table positions and more. Hopefully Youri Tielemans will become a Leicester City player by the end of this week, can’t see him going for Man City or Man Utd, and with Tottenham out of the picture, it looks as if this is getting closer and closer.

The fact that Tielemans is showing how much he likes it at Leicester City and knowing he will be a key player and play a very important part of future plans under Brendan Rodgers, is vital in this discussion. We just hope that these new reports are correct and that a move can happen as soon as possible.

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