When Saturday Comes, Champions League final, Leicester City links to Tottenham and Liverpool

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When Saturday Comes, then we all will be watching that special final in Madrid between Liverpool and Tottenham. This is not the first time two English clubs are in such a final, with Man Utd and Chelsea meeting each other in Moscow back in 2008.

Leicester reached the quarter finals in 2016/17, losing that clash to Atletico Madrid, but as we all remember the English team that lasted the longest, with the others leaving the tournament at earlier stages.

So what has Leicester City to do with this final between Liverpool and Tottenham, not much, but we all know who is in charge of our club, the first to be mentioned with a life at Anfield. Brendan Rodgers had a good period at Liverpool, finishing 2nd in the league just a “fall” from Steven Gerrard, trapped him from winning the league.

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Paul Konchesky is unique and as far as we know the only Leicester City player to have played for both Tottenham and Liverpool. Harry Kane will probably play a part, and our former loanee might be the one scoring the winning goal.

Leicester City have come up against Liverpool and Tottenham in cup competitions and lost on both occasions, in the FA Cup semi-finals. Against Liverpool in 1974 after replay, Tottenham in 1982. Liverpool and Tottenham went on to win the final at Wembley.

Emile Heskey was a record sale when he joined Liverpool back in 2000 for a fee of £11 million. Gary Lineker was also a record sale when he joined Everton, and later he became a key player at Tottenham.

Back in the 1980-81 season, Andy Peake scored a fantastic goal against Liverpool, winning 2-0 at home and a young Leicester City team shocked the stars of Anfield that evening. They even managed to win at Anfield as well, but the two wins couldn’t stop Leicester from getting relegated.

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Two major finals have been lost to Tottenham. Firstly the FA Cup in 1961 when Spurs won their special “Double”, and later in 1999, in the EFL Cup, with the dane Alan Nielsen spoiling the party with the only goal of the game.

Gordon Milne who was manager at Leicester City from 1982 to 1986 had a great career as a player with Liverpool and he was in charge when Liverpool signed Kevin MacDonald for a record fee of £400.000.

David Pleat who was in charge at Leicester City also have a proud history at Tottenham, being part of that club for many, many years. being their manager, caretaker manager, other roles at White Hart Lane, and a man well known for his time at that club.

If we look at this season results against the two, Leicester City picked up one point from four games, catching a draw at Anfield which must be described as a very good result against a team that had a fantastic run in the PL this season ending runners-up.

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Leicester City manager Peter Taylor made history when breaking the transfer record for a goalkeeper, by signing Ian Walker from Tottenham, paying £2,5 million. Walker played once for England during his days at Leicester City and following Gordon Banks and Peter Shilton in the clubs proud Three Lions goalkeeper traditions. He is still the last goalkeeper at Leicester City to have been capped at full England international level.

Steffen Freund was the first German internatonal to play for Leicester City, after joining from Kaiserslautern. He had a previous life at Tottenham and Freund played in that 1999 EFL Cup final. Micky Adams who brought in Freund back in 2003/04 also brought in Ben Thatcher and Les Ferdinand in that season, both with a previous life at Spurs.

Liverpool as a club knows the European Cup and the CL with a number of finals and wins in that competition. This is the first time Tottenham reaches a CL final, but has earlier gone all the way in the UEFA Cup, winning both in 1972 and 1984. Tottenham also have a winners medal from the European Cup winners cup back in 1963.

We will of course follow the game and hope that the team that play to their very best will win the title, wishing all fans of Liverpool and Tottenham the very best.







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