Harry Maguire, his agent and the Manchester United links and connections

The rumor of a possible transfer to Manchester United will not go away, and the fact that Harry Maguire’s agent Triple S Sports & Entertainment has a long and standing connection to The Reds of Old Trafford makes this even more close to possible.

The talk started a year ago and with Wayne Rooney and several former Man Utd players also using the people at this agent makes the connections so close that you start to wonder how much the third party involved decides.

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The fact that Triple S Sports & Entertainment basically needs to get a player or two sold each season to gain revenue makes the logic go away looking at it from a sports and footballing perspective.

To get Harry Maguire on the payroll at Old Trafford would of course be a great feather in the hat for this agency as they are probably keen on getting back in and be part of that establishment with a player of major importance.

Harry Maguire is beside Wayne Rooney, Jack Butland and Angus Gunn the players that Triple S Sports & Entertainment can describe as “big names”, the rest of the lot are up and coming youngsters and players of lower transfer price value.

We could understand last season that joining Jose Mourinho and a team finishing 2nd in the Premier League who were to compete in the Champions League would be a good option, but instead Maguire ended up with a  new long term contract at Leicester City, which probably wasn’t the best fit, and a new push would probably have happened either way.

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To force a move to Old Trafford looks like a job ongoing, but Harry Maguire still has some integrity left as he will not go on strike and instead just roll along. With the Riyad Mahrez saga in mind, hopefully this will not end in another farse. Agents will influence a player and when some of the big guns are interested you will of course do what is possible to get a transfer.

TCF believe that a player will be strongly motivated by advice from agents and with those connections to Old Trafford you would of course understand why Manchester United is the only club in the picture at the moment, maybe Harry Maguire has more than one gentlemans agreement to worry about, who knows!

This is life of football these days and we just have to live with it, sadly fans are not really understanding the type of pressure a young footballer can have to handle. Managing Director at Triple S Sports & Entertainment Paul Stretford, is a former representative of Peter Schmeichel, Andy Cole and Paul Ince, who all spent their best years in football at Manchester United.

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This is probably why Manchester United are still hoping for a move to be accomplished, with a lot of former business done through this agency, and that a settlement can be possible. Leicester City is willing to sell as we have seen before and not closing any doors probably hoping for the best price possible in a transfer that will be pushed and pushed until it is finalized somewhere in the future.

Harry Maguire is the only player at Leicester City connected to Triple S, and hopefully they are looking for more business done at Old Trafford with Harry Maguire probably able to open more doors and giving them again a strong agent voice at Manchester United, with only youngster James Garner part of their squad at the moment.


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