Carabao Cup, the draw, the past and the future

Leicester City will attend the Carabao Cup for the 2nd round playing Newcastle United away in a difficult fixture. The game will be played at St. James Park, Wednesday the 28th of August. All Premier League teams not playing in Europe, a total of 13, will take part in that 2nd round games.

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Everton will play Lincoln away, Burnley will meet Sunderland at home, Aston Villa will travel to Crewe. Norwich meet Crawley away, West Ham will travel to Newport. Watford will welcome Coventry to Vicarage Road. Crystal Palace to face Colchester, Southampton goes to London and Craven Cottage for a clash with Fulham. Bournemouth will meet League 2 club Forest Green Rovers away. Sheffield United will play Blackburn Rovers at Bramall Lane and finally Brighton will take on Bristol Rovers at their home arena, The Memorial.

The Carabao Cup is said to be “The Little One”, but let’s face it previous winners in the last years are not at all “little” with Manchester City winning the trophy in three of the last four seasons, only split by that Manchester United win back in 2017.

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Leicester City have in the last two seasons fell against Manchester City on penalties in the Quarter finals, and not had the luck needed to go all the way to Wembley. In previous years this cup is the only to be won by Leicester City, by doing so in 1964, 1997 and in 2000. Leicester City have also been in the finals on two other occasions, in 1965 and in 1999.

The Carabao Cup, is in real The League Cup, with only EFL club teams to compete. The first winner was Aston Villa when it all started back in 1961, defeating Rotherham United. Back then the cup was known as “The League Cup”, but going into the 80’s, sponsors came around and it suddenly became a number of different names on the “trophy”. Names alternated as the sponsors changed starting this “idiotic” name game back in 1981/82, becoming known as Milk Cup. Then it was Littlewoods Challenge Cup, Rumbelows Cup, Coca Cola Cup, Worthington Cup, Carling Cup, Capital One Cup, for the 2016/17 they had no name cup sponsor and simply named it EFL Cup, and from last season and going forward, The Carabao Cup.

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TCF is in no favor of “gluing” out names and change it as the sponsors come along, but we all know that such a “name change” is vital to a sponsor and of course will benefit their trademarks with such publicity, so all in all we know it is the EFL Cup, or The League Cup, as we like it to be, so can sponsors of course do what they like and that is the future so we “sing along”.

A tough start for Leicester City, but going into a tournament with a challenge at once will see how far this can go after being knocked out in the quarters in the last two seasons. This is in a way the “kitchen door” into Europe, winning the tournament results in a place in the Europa League, which is of course something to go for.

Leicester City have made Europe twice by winning the cup, in 1997 facing Atletico Madrid and in 2000 playing Red Star Belgrade.




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