The reason why Leicester City will sell their best players, next out is this man

The cruel fact is that Leicester City will, as they have for the last three or four seasons, sell their best players. We have seen four fantastic footballers leave the club in the last four years, Kantè, Drinkwater, Mahrez and Maguire are all gone.

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Ben Chilwell and James Maddison are at the moment the two that looks most likely to be hunted down by the “bigger and better”. A fee between £65million to £75million each, will be what could see the two move on.

Many fans of this club believe in fairy stories and they constantly go on, there is money available, bla, bla, bla. Of course there is money available as Top decides to invest in new players and that is of course great, but the revenue at Leicester City, just 30% of what you can see at Manchester United, stops any idea of setting the total house on fire. The Value of Leicester City is just 6,5% of what Man Utd is estimated worth.

The way forward for Leicester City is to build fanbase, both at home and abroad, with social media playing a major factor, of course tv money is important and to play in Europe season in and season out will be of need, if not, you will see the club decline and not be able to attract players they would like to sign.

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Leicester City is and will probably always be a stepping stone for most players coming to the club, getting approaced by the Chelsea’s, Tottenham’s, Man Utd’s and Man City’s, of course Liverpool and a few clubs abroad would be interesting as well, but there are not many as no one at the moment sees Watford, Everton or West Ham as a step up.

This is of course no problem and Brendan Rodgers is fine with that, and as long as the situation is under control and one player is shipped out every season, with a new exciting signing coming in, Leicester City will be able to cope with that, because a sale of a player to those “billion” valued clubs, will be money to invest in new players, academy and so on.

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Top is a clever businessman and Leicester City is not just his toy, it’s a business and he will look after it, and he will let his managers invest, but because of the revenue level, he cannot compete with those bigger clubs and as we have seen at Liverpool, they are also selling players, Coutinho, Suarez and several others left for big money fees.

Manchester United will be the driving force going forward, and if they sell Paul Pogba, they will be in hunt for James Maddison, with TCF expecting the midfielder to leave next summer, with Leicester City investing the money wisely and find a “nice” replacement.

This is really nothing more to discuss as Leicester City used a net of approximately £18million in the tansfer market this summer, and to be able to balance the books and be in line with financial fair play and also build the club step by step, they cannot use anymore. Brendan Rodgers have a squad at the moment that should be able to fight for a place in top six and will certainly not miss out on top 10.

The owners might like to see their investment also being profitable over time, something fans don’t really think about, but if yourself invest money, you will not just throw them on a fire, and just keep throwing more to try to stop it, you will use water. Seriously business owners will over time always like to see their investments being profitable and let the business, as Leicester City do at the moment, manage to float on it’s own, without help from outside.

We will not see a use of £200million on new players if Leicester City don’t sell, that would not be possible year in and year out, even if Top decided to give it to Rodgers, that money isn’t available, but with a big money sale, Rodgers will be given money to invest, easy and simple.


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