Scandinavian Leicester City fans gets even better, new website launched and positive vibes all around

Leicester City have a grand colony of followers all over the globe, as we have seen on the official site, you will find them at places you would seldom believe fans of such a club would be.

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The Scandinavian Branch of the Supporters Club is a union of people living in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, being members of this group since launching the club back in 1994. Long before that fans of Leicester City in these countries are seen from the early 60’s and into the 70’s, growing it’s popularity again in the 90’s with MON and his generation of players.

We are often seated at the SK1, as we are holders of a number of season tickets among our supporters, and like to sit here as the atmosphere is terrific.

The following of football in Scandinavia are of course towards local and teams based in their own countries, but most of the adult generation have an English club they are close to and regards themselves as real fans, going over to England for games and of course watching all the games on telly, or streams, if possible.

Leicester City is not the club that gets most support from Scandinavia,  but we always say that the support is “better” and “more special”, and those following the club closely shows real passion and care towards their adoptive child.

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A unique union, SBF, was founded in Norway a number of years back and they have organized the support in a very special way. Leicester City Supporters Club Scandinavian Branch are part of that union and without a membership you cannot really say that you are a proper supporters club, if you are based in Norway.

The have a number of nominees and of course also their own board, with Leicester City fans being winners of the “supporter of the year award” and also had members on the board. There are also strict rules on how to run a supporters club and actually a committee that can expel you if you are not running the club by the rules.

At first you needed to publish a “supporters club magazine” as was did for a number of years, then when the internet came around, LCSCSB, was among the first to go from a “paper based” club to a “digital member”, and do everything online.

To be able to attract more fans and really show our support a new site is launched in Norwegian, with a special eye on the supporter and hopefully add more fans to support Leicester City. To become a member you have to live in Scandinavia or be Scandinavian born, and for as little as 50 kroner, you will be able to get closer and in connection with a community of great and passionate fans of Leicester City.

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The website is new and fresh and all of course based on the fact that we love and support Leicester City FC. You can just log on, from here. If you like to look up our links page, you will also find the new site listed here among those other known supporter club sites.

For the notice, we had Scandinavian fans present on both games against Southampton and Crystal Palace, members were also present at home to Burnley. The relationship with the club is one nursed well over the years as we are gathering for a yearly “player of the year” award and loves to come back to the lovely ground of King Power, being part of a family that we all like to think we are connected to, despite not being natives and people living in the city and the country.


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