Barcelona and Liverpool stars not the answer for Leicester City, the perfect move to be found just around the corner

The connections between Leicester City and Aston Villa goes far back and as the clubs have gone up and down the league elevator, they have switched and transferred players between each others. The clubs have long traditions also to have exchanged a number of managers and players have in that way also been seen shining in both camps.

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The talk of Adam Lallana and Philippe Coutinho of Liverpool and Barcelona joining Leicester City might be thrilling but as so many times before it can be a fools decission as said earlier. Lallana’s injury record is making him a risky signing and Coutinho is a player that of course with the right support can be brilliant, but in a Leicester City team he might be a bit of a “diva”, so please stay away.

Over the past three years Jack Grealish has been a name frequently linked with a move a cross the Midlands, and if Aston Villa finally get relegated at the end of the season, or even if they stay up, a thrill of taking the next step and be part of a club that are close to the top and possibly giving the current Villa captain the right step, instead of joining Manchester United or any other club with expectations at the moment not really at a realistic level.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might be happy with his current situation at the club, but the level of performances are far from what was experienced under the years of Sir Alex and even Jose Mourinho who managed to finish runners-up in his 2nd season at the club. Solskjaer might get there some day, but the raw truth about Jack Grealish is that a move to Old Trafford could see him miss Champions League football next season.

If Leicester City manage to grab a place in the Champions League then a move for Jack Grealish could be ever so realistic and his presence would of course make him a key player and give Brendan Rodgers more creativity and great support for Jamie Vardy.

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Grealish, Maddison and Vardy are all the type of guys that have their faults, but as footballers they could set a defense under stress and terror and really flourish as a trio.

TCF would welcomed a “short trip transfer” of the Aston Villa captain instead of players coming in from “far away”, so Brendan Rodgers take a close look around the corner and make your move.

Jack Grealish has earlier been involved in England U.21 action back in 2016/17, but so far the 24 year old has not been involved at full international level. With a move to Leicester City he would most certainly be at a club that knows how to bring forward and develop players to become England internationals.

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