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Colin Gibson spent four years with Leicester City but the stay was often disrupted by injuries so his tally of games did land on a modest amount of 59, scoring 4 goals. A player that arrived late in his career at Filbert Street and went from the “Teathre of Dreams” to a “Horror Show”, but his battling abilities helped Leicester City to avoid relegation from the 2nd tier.

For all footballers there are highs and lows, some experience this in their best age, others as they are getting to their career end, but for Colin Gibson he had his best years as a young and upcoming talent at Aston Villa.

As a left back and still in his early 20’s, he was a player in that 1980/81 league winning Aston Villa side, and a year later playing in the European Cup final and defeating Bayern Munich, everything accomplished so early and everyone believed that the young and lively Gibson would go on from England B and U.21 caps to become a full international, but that never happened.

After 185 league games and almost eight years at Villa Park, Gibson accepted a move to Manchester United. Despite being in and around the first team during his days at Old Trafford he never got the feeling to a certainty in the team and injuries didn’t help either. He spent five years at Man Utd and helped the club to end runners-up in the league, but couldn’t add another league winners medal to his cabinet, getting the chance to join Leicester City in 1990.

His years at Leicester City were seen as successful as he helped the club to a number of play off-finals and in 1994 being part of the Wembley atmosphere and winning promotion, but his stay at Leicester City would never be fulfilled with a return to the top flight and also experiencing the thrill of playing in the Premier League.

Colin Gibson was one of those young players that got the glory of football at any early age, but injuries and of course fantastic competition from great players made it difficult to sustain the level of performances and keep a safe place in those first teams.

After his farewell to Leicester City he had a spell with Walsall winning promotion from the 4th tier finally finishing in the professional game at the age of 35.

Colin is today a matchday host at Leicester City, and of course following his former clubs as he describes his previous life in Midland football with fond memories, him being from the South himself born in Bridport.

He will probably not be remembered much for the common World of football for his days at Leicester City, with such a great career at Aston Villa and later playing for Manchester United, so to describe him as one of our “Guys in Disguise” is no lie, but for the Leicester City following he was always regarded with great respect.


  • Full Name: Colin James Gibson
  • Postion: Defender / Midfield
  • Date of Birth: 06.04.1960
  • Birthplace: Bridport, England
  • Nation: England
  • Caps / Goals: None
  • Major Career
    • 1978-1985, Aston Villa (185/10)
    • 1985-1990, Manchester United (79/9)
    • 1990-1994, Leicester City (59/4)
  • Links: Wikipedia


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