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When joining Leicester City from Birmingham City, Bruno N’Gotty was in his mid 30’s and spent time as a fox from 2007 to 2009. He played 38 league games for Leicester City and even had a short loan spell with Hereford United, so life was different.

A player that had experienced what most players don’t appearing for some of the best clubs in Europe and at the same time also playing at full international level for his country. He is a winner of Serie A in Italy with AC Milan, and of course playing at the highest level almost through his full career being also at PSG, Lyon, Marseille and Bolton Wanderers were he was a pinnacle player in the Premier League days of The Trotters.

His time with Bolton Wanderers was successful playing from 2002 to 2006, adding up 148 league games and scoring 5 goals. He was one of the clubs best players in probably the best period of that clubs history.

He joined Leicester City and hopes were high that he would contribute with his presence and experience in a way that would see the club again fight for promotion, but in a turbulent period at the club it all ended in relegation as N¨Gotty career were close to finished at the age of 36, and Nigel Pearson never did see the use of his experience during that 2008-09 season though being listed at the club.

His contract expired as Leicester City again had been promoted to the the 2nd tier, but N’Gotty wandered into 6th level football in France and has since retired for the game.

Leicester City will never be the club remembered as were Bruno N’Gotty made it in football, on the contrary the almost opposite. But in the favor of Bruno, he did play well at times and helped Leicester City to a few wins during his days.


  • Full Name: Bruno N’Gotty
  • Position: Defender
  • Date of Birth: 10.06.1971
  • Birthplace: Lyon, France
  • Nation: France
  • Caps / Goals: 6/0
  • Major Career:
    • 1988-95, Lyon (237/13)
    • 1995-98, Paris SG (80/7)
    • 1998-00, AC Milan (30/1)
    • 2000-02, Marseille (32/0)
    • 2002-06, Bolton Wanderers (134/5)
    • 2006-07, Birmingham City (25/1)
    • 2007-09, Leicester City (38/0)
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