Leicester 0, Man Utd 2, positives and negatives, player ratings, and match report

Another switch from Brendan Rodgers, another new setup as the “gamble” continues to hunt for points home and away. The momentum that is so vital in football has totally been washed out from Brendan Rodgers tactics as he seeks for answers.

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Kelechi Iheanacho was back from start, Marc Albrighton as we expected would be getting a starting position if fit and it was also given a start for Hamza Choudhury who we believed would be the ideal player alongside Wilfred Ndidi to get defensive controll.

To see Brendan again going for a three men defense is so frustrating as it’s a nightmare system if you are really a four men team as Leicester City have been most of the season and to juggle with this area in the team is a big gamble.

Though Leicester came out with a positive approach and all players looked lively and eager to get the win on board. Brendan’s 11 were the best team in the 45 minutes rolling up a few good chances and keeping Rashford, Martial and Greenwood silent.

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Leicester came out 2nd half with the confidence needed to get this game settled, but when Brendan Rodgers decided to take of possibly the best player on the field in the first half Kelechi Iheanacho then you start to wonder what he is up to, because Leicester had momentum and it was no way needed to change anyone.

Brendan Rodgers looks a bit impatient at the moment and makes moves you don’t understand and his will to change things should be supported but it’s seldom giving anything but negativity, so it’s a bit of a worry.

Leicester City are at the moment on a slide that cannot continue, then this will start getting ugly and the one to blame is Brendan Rodgers, not the players as they are juggled around like dolls in a theatre.

Manchester United manager Mr. OGS has done what should be done, found a good structure in 4-3-3 and just stayed loyal to it, making as few moves as possible to get the team settling in and let players play as his team has gone from strength to strenght.

They are, Man Utd, a team at the moment that are on the rise and that’s why they over 90 minutes will get a chance or two that will lead to goals and it all started to sour for Leicester City after 71 minutes when Wes Morgan and Jonny Evans as expected struggled to keep Anthony Martial quiet, and that is very, very difficult.

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Bruno Fernandes converted from the penalty spot sending Kasper Schmeichel in the opposite direction and Man Utd were 1-0 up. From that time on it was a settled situation, with Jesse Lingard handed a special by Kasper Schmeichel, probably with the message on it “Love You Dad”.

The massive Schmeichel mistake and Jonny Evans sent off, makes my moments in the game as both are “attached” to Manchester United and they lost against a better side, sorry.

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The season is over and thank god for that, overall a success, but the form after the restart and all the changes to systems and players makes me a bit sick as the momentum is gone and up front it’s like a “bingo” who are playing.

Great to see Jamie Vardy winning the Golden Boot award and scoring 23 goals this season, but was hardly involved this Sunday, not being played much on, sadly.

  • Positives
    • First half, good display by the team, especially Kelechi Iheancho looked good
    • Luke Thomas shows that he can play against the very best and perform brightly
    • Wilfred Ndidi again solid and massive in his midfield position
  • Negatives:
    • Not able to convert and score goals from chances
    • A three man defense, it doesn’t work, you will get exposed
    • Kasper doing silly mistakes that never should happen, it’s scary
    • Brendan Rodgers “bingo” tactical changes and line-up juggles
  • Player Ratings: Schmeichel 3, Justin 5, Evans 4, Morgan 4, Albrighton 5, Thomas 6, Tielemans 5, Ndidi 7, Iheanacho 7, Choudhury 4, Vardy 4, Subs: Gray, Hirst, Preat, Perez, Barnes

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  • Leicester City, Man of the Match
    • Kelechi Iheanacho

Match Stats (H/A):

  • Possession: 46 / 54
  • Corners: 3 / 3
  • Shots on target: 3 / 3
  • Fouls: 12 / 11

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