The L’s of King Power, focus on Leuven, will it be 5000/1 again!

Leicester City might grab most headlines in the bigger picture, but what is going on at Leuven is also something that should be looked at with a bigger eye. The club owned by King Power resided in Belgium, is a new fairy story on the build.

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Since the takeover back in 2017, things have started to work in favor, after experiencing a bit of a similar affair as the one that went on at Leicester, it looks more or less fantastic as the club managed promotion last season and is currently flying high in the top tier, fourth at the moment and could be in Europe next season.

The fact that the club is “the sister” of Leicester City makes it an advantage as players can play in both teams with recent signings of Andy King and Filip Benkovic shows that players looks at this swop as an opportunity.

A great number of players and also Nigel Pearson have been at Leuven, but the climb to the top was done with a Belgian at the helm, Marc Brys is the name. He is a very experience manager and knows this county and their football from the grassroots to the top, and that way things are working out at the moment, makes it wonderful to follow the progression.

Top is the chairman of Leuven and he also have Jon Rudkin and Susan Whelan with him at the board of the club, both of them holding important positions at Leicester City, so it’s a well knitted system and of course seeing the synergies between the two clubs.

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Josh Eppiah and Kamal Sowah are two players that has been at the club for the full season and they have both contributed well, and especially Sowah has been playing well and drawn great attention from many parties. Daniel Iversen also started the season with Leuven, but has in the mid term period joined Preston on a loan for the rest of the season.

Since King Power took over a number of players have been exchanged from Leicester, and we have seen the rise and hopefully this will continue and if the graduates at Leicester can be competitive in the top flight of Belgium, it’s a great way to develop talent and hopefully in the future see this as the ultimate route into a Leicester team going forward.

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Kamal Sowah is mentioned and has been with the club since 2018, and done all the steps, exciting to see of the two new recruits, King and Benkovic will do. Elliott Moore, currently with Oxford United, also had a spell at Leuven and did well.

George Hirst, now with Rotherham, also had a loan spell at Leuven, so did Bartosz Kapustka. So it’s been a few out there on loan, some did return, others have moved on, but again with such great success it could be more relevant for Leicester players to join as the competition is good at this level with Leuven currently competing for European football.

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