Dennis Praet, is he yet another player fitting in among our “guys in disguise”?

Of course it was sad to see Dennis Praet injured at Stoke, but in a way it sums up the situation regarding a player seen as one of the brightest young midfielders in the game today, but as so many other talented players that have walked into the club, he doesn’t really find his place, does he?

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Some did see a bit of what Praet is capable of against Stoke, but also a number of helpless attempts was on show. He seems to go for a gamble in passes and shots which ,if it doesn’t work, looks totally silly, and against the bigger and better it’s not good enough.

In the summer it was a rumours out there linking him with FC Turin and a possible move back to Serie A, but nothing happened and TCF would have believed it would have been a better solution to just let him leave and give his place to Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall who is a similar player, and regarded as a talent of first team potential.

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Praet is a bit like Zagorakis and Kramaric who both were great footballers, but at Leicester City it didn’t really work out as they never managed to convince anyone that they were a first eleven pick and not just players “nice to have” if a problem ocured among those certain starters.

Would rather have a happy Dewsbury-Hall looking at every minute he will get playing as a massive thrilling experience instead of a Denns Praet that looks at himself as a certain starter and at this time in his career should be far from a sub as he possibly could.

If you look at the stats this season he has scored a single goal and has one assist, in his favor he has not started every game played, so the stats might lie a bit, but in a way sums up the player who to our notice is not really one that can be trusted as much as we would if Leicester City are to keep up in the race for Europe also next season.

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Brendan Rodgers doesn’t have any need for Praet in the way he is using him at the moment, and with the midfielders he’s got to chose from, not really in any need of the Belgian who also looks much more suited to play other types of opponents, and at the age of 26 is in need of much more regular first team action to keep his place in the Belgium set-up.

We will not see Praet for a while at Leicester being out for about three months, so it will be time to think about a possible solution, and if that solution is to sell either Tielemans or Maddison to give space to Praet, then we might be in the wrong think thank.

Would not yet regard Dennis Praet as one of the “guys in the disguise“, but surely he could soon fall into that category. As we all know Kramarics played in the World Cup final and Zagorakis won the Euro’s, but sometimes things just don’t work out.

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