The vital move that will stop the rot at Leicester City, not become copies of Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough!

To see another great player leaving the club would be another blow for fans of this football club. In the past, and since the team won the Premier League, it’s been one big star out the window in every season.

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If you decide to be part of a group fighting for Europe every season, you cannot sell your best players year in and year out, insted the formula is easy, the problem is when you get too many Slimani’s on board, as it will ruin a football club long term.

Since getting in among the big and better in the PL, other clubs like Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Newcastle are struggling and cannot really find the path to success, and it can be difficult as Leicester also have experienced in the past.

Newcastle are not able to attract the best players as they are fighting for their lives in the PL, while Middlesbrough and Sunderland both are in a bit of crises playing a bit below the top at the moment and really not able to fulfill their potential.

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Fans tend to forget how things are, and despite a financial backing of a good ownership, big loans are taken out to just keep floating and being able to finance the club in a way that makes it possible to be part of a transfer merry go round.

Leicester and also their sister club Leuven are in good hands, but to get to the top we have seen a lot of changes to management over the years at both clubs and stability is not based on the man in charge, but rather owners and players, who are the real deal at the clubs.

What would Leicester City be without Jamie Vardy?, what would it be if James Maddison and Wilfred Ndidi are sold, and even a young Harvey Barnes is a selling item that can finance the future of the fooball club.

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But if the trophies are to be collected in the future, and if the top six status is to be remained, then players must be staying longer and Leicester being able to keep their best players longer than they do at the moment, so to just stop selling the best players for at least the two next seasons and instead decrease the number of first team players and rely more on the academy to be able to fill if big injury problems occured will be the ultimate way forward.

At the moment Leicester City should sell 9 to 10 of their fringe and loan players and not really keep them as players needed in crises and hopefully we can see the Maguire’s, Chilwell’s, Kantè’s and Mahrez’s at the club longer, if not the slide can start faster than lightening, but we have seen Brendan Rodgers ready to reduce the wage bill and hopefully he will be doing so.

If the owners decides to sell, at least a lower amount of players will give the club a chance to find a suitable replacement as they go along with their current strategy, but hopefully we will see a club that manage to keep hold on their best players and not sell them a bit too early.

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