When rather than if?, Leicester City said to be winning transfer race in close competition with Chelsea and Liverpool

For a number of weeks it’s been twists and turns regarding the signing of Patson Daka, but with several sources including Daka himself confirming here and there that he will join Leicester City, TCF believe it’s time to take the cat out of the sack.

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LCFC has not confirmed anything yet, and will probably drag out a bit further before we have the player in a City shirt on the front of the official website. The fact that the RB Salzburg player is close to a move to Leicester City makes this thrilling. With a fee of £25million said to be the price, it will be a record breaker in Austrian football.

So why are Leicester City managing to pull of yet another special transfer deal with major contenders losing out? It’s that package, that special feeling that makes things look right, a match that fits at this time for both player and club. Patson Daka is a name TCF hadn’t heard much of before the roumours start spreading, but looking at his records you believe that this is a good match.

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We have seen previous players using Austria as a stepping stone for higher grades in football and examples of those are Erling Braut Haaland, Naby Keita and Saido Mane all taking those steps carefully before being ready for that big jump that easily will see you as a starting option in the bigger teams of Europe.

There are no certainties and Leicester City have in the past seen heavy fees thrown after players in similar league’s and situations. Ade Akinbiyi, a record signing from Wolverhampton, might be the worst example, not really fitting the bill and not taking his chances. His record transfer fee did fall after 14 years, when City again splashed out a new record fee to bring in Leo Ulloa, another record signing that failed to win a steady place in the first eleven and faded out as Akinbiyi with a stamp that he never really became exactly what it was meant to be.

Then the signings of Andrej Kramaric and Islam Slimani, also doubts to be found about Ayoze Perez and Ahmed Musa who all were big money signings and either totally misfits or not yet been the full package for monumental fees paid.

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So how will Patson Daka fit the bill and why is he said to be a player just perfect for Leicester City. He looks a good fit, and might have a feeling that this move is correct for him, but it could be a few clouds as well, but at this stage you should stay heavily positive.

Of course when buying a new player for such a monumental fee, you need to hit bulls eye. But a few concerns must be brought to the table. Those are not about Patson Daka, but how Brendan Rodgers will compose his attack.

When you decide to pay a grand amount of money on a player, you just have to have a great plan on how you will see him in the team and be clear about your priorities, or else you will just have a major problem on your hands, not being able to balance the players expectations with your own plan of work, telling a “story” to get him on board and as a manager have another option in your pocket.

Another question, will Iheanacho again be dropped to the bench?, Is Daka is seen as a long term replacement for Vardy, as the club need pivotal players to stay steady in line with a number of the talismen at the club on the way out.

Leicester are in a bit of a generation change at the moment, and a new group of players must step up, be part long term, and if you cannot do that move properly, as we have seen Maguire, Mahrez and Chilwell, all being sold as they surely would have been players that could become the players to take the room after men such as Vardy, Schmeichel and Morgan who are either out or at an age that will soon see them surplus.

It’s a time for everything and at the age of 22, it’s a big ask to come in and replace Mr. Vardy, but that is the place we do see Daka in. You cannot let another new big money transfer become a player pushed in and out of the team. Of course great with competition, but when you splash out heavy fees, you have to play the player.

So who is Patson Daka? 22 years of age, right footed, and joined RB Salzburg in 2017, making his debut in the first team two years later. 1.85, or if you like 6ft 1in, relatively tall but still pacy and good technical skills, but will he adapt to Premier League football at the very highest level, it’s a gamble. His current contract at RB Leipzig is running to 2024, and of course to pay him out at this stage is a gamble.

To add yet another player from an African nation could be a problem if there are too many, freeing them to play in the African Nations Cup, though Daka’s nation Zambia will not be in the finals of the tournament in January. Surely you need to consider those dilemmas building a squad, and with those games qualifications games in the future coming up, you need cover and beat that challenge.

His goal tally is impressive and no doubts about his abilities, showing a grand total of 54 goals in 84 league games, during his time with RB Salzburg. He was the player of the season in a team that won the Austrian League Championship in 2020/21, and he should be on paper one that is of course useful for Leicester City.

The doubt comes when you cannot see a direct spot in the team for him, which will push out Jamie Vardy on the bench or just play the icon a bit different, is that a good solution. Considering the money to be used and how that will affect other moves in and out.

With Daka in, this could again build speculations regarding James Maddison and a possible move out, nothing confirmed, just sceptical, but hopefully we will not see another big money gamble move just getting sour as Leicester City again finding their best targets in other places and at much lower prices and not in competition with the big canons.

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