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Queens Park Rangers will play Leicester City in one of their pre-season games and to have a look at previous players in both camps we just goes back a great number of years.

Starting the update with Frank Large, who had a short spell at Lotus Road in 1962, joining from Halifax Town. The moved a bit around in the lower tiers at clubs such as Northampton Town and Swindon Town among those. Leicester City signed Large in 1967 and did well, but with Allan Clarke in the frame he was used as part of a deal seeing the two players switching clubs. Large played 26 league games and scored 8 goals, at QPR he was in action 18 times and scored five.

The next player to come to mind is Frank McLintock who had a great days in both camps, first at Leicester City and from here joining Arsenal and in his thirties seen as a key of experience in a young QPR side establishing themselves in the top flight in the mid 70’s and ending runners-up in the league in 1976. McLintock played at QPR from 1973 to 1977, when he went straight into management at Leicester City, being a grand legend at Filbert Street, playing for the football club from 1956 to 1964. In total 168 league games and 25 goals at Leicester City, for QPR 127 league games and 5 goals.

One of the latest additions at QPR is forward and Wales international George Thomas who joined Leicester from Coventry before moving to Holland on a loan and then returning and signing for QPR.

Eddie Kelly is the next player on our list, joining Leicester City from QPR and a good signing by Frank McLintock, later that same season David Webb was also signed from QPR. Kelly had just been at Loftus Road for a single season with Webb partnering Frank McLintock for a couple of years before moving to Leicester City.

Going into the 80’s an experience forward joined on loan for Leicester City from Everton, and Peter Eastoe had a previous past at QPR were he scored a number of goals coming from Swindon Town. Eastoe spent two periods on loan at Leicester and was fondly remembered at both camps, being influential in two different ways as he helped Leicester City avoid relegation and was a key player for QPR when they hit the top of English football. Eastoe played 72 league games and scored 15 goals, at Leicester City he hitted twice in 11 league games.

Robbie James is also a former player in both camps, so is Danny Simpson, who joined from QPR in 2014 and probably did not see him being back at the top of English football celebrating a Premier League win a year later. Simpson contributed well at both clubs and seen as a key in teams that really performed to their limit. Robbie James might not be remembered from either Leicester City or QPR as he was mostly known from his time at Swansea City and also as a Welsh international, seen as an icon both a club and country. Danny played 113 league games for Leicester City, at QPR he entered the field 37 times in the league. Robbie James played 37 league games and Leicester City, 87 for QPR.

England international Terry Fenwick is also a former played in both camps, representing England in the 1986 World Cup, before that period a key player at QPR and after a loan signing at Leicester City. He played his best football while at Loftus Road and spent seven years at QPR from 1980 to 1987, joining Leicester City for 8 loan appearances, scoring one goal in 1990-91.

Marcus Bent is a forward that had a nomadic life in football, playing in both camps, as we remember being at Leicester City in that 2003-04 season and later moving to Queens Park Rangers. Damien Delaney had short spells in both camps as well, playing a few games in his period at Leicester City and Queens Park Rangers. The Ireland international played at Leicester City from the start of this century and later joined QPR for a short spell from 2007 to 2009.

Lloyd Dyer had a long and happy career at Leicester City, playing 230 league games, and scoring 30 goals with this football club. At QPR it was a short loan spell during his days at The Hawthorns, appearing 15 times for the R’s.

Les Ferdinand was a grand figure at Queens Park Rangers, doing the most of his career at Loftus Road, scoring 80 goals in 163 league games. He spent one single season at Leicester City in 2003/04, playing 29 league games and scoring 12 goals.

Former Leicester City manager Ian Holloway had good days at Queens Park Rangers as a player and also had a spell as manager at Loftus Road, being twice in charge, first from 2001 to 2006 and later from 2016 to 2018. As a player doing his time with QPR from 91 to 96, playing 147 league games and scoring 4 goals from his midfield position.

Carl Ikeme and Jason Jarrett are both players with loan spells in both camps, doing their trade as expected and returning back to their current clubs Wolverhampton Wanderers and Preston North End.

Former Leicester City goalkeeper Simon Royce spent time on loan at Queens Park Rangers on three different occasions. He joined Leicester City in 2000 from Charlton Athletic and left in 2001 playing 19 league games at QPR he managed 79 league games during these different loan spells and joining permanently in 2005.

A list of former players in both camps,


Carl Ikeme
Simon Royce


Frank McLintock
David Webb
Danny Simpson
Terry Fenwick
Damien Delaney
John O’Neill
Bob Hazell


Eddie Kelly
Lloyd Dyer
Robbie James
Jason Jarrett


Les Ferdinand
Marcus Bent
Frank Large
Peter Eastoe
George Thomas


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