New away kit launch, how does it fit the pattern of previous years?

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Today Leicester launched their away kit for next season and again a new colour as a light blue colour was in place. With dark blue shorts, this could look great, but with a shorts in the same colours a bit odd, but again this looks a bit like a t-shirt and might not go down as a favorite among fans.

Jamie Vardy – New Away Kit – 2021/22

Shop – Leicester

Adidas has not put much creativity into this one as it just a change of colours and not part of the clubs identity which is a based on blue and white and would like that third kit, yet to be launched, to be in all black with a blue ribbon, as it tells a story of the club.

We have seen the grey with yellow, the pink and last season maroon that in a way became a bit iconic as the team won the FA Cup in that shirt, if that will go down as a pick for the future who knows, but maroon has never been a colour connected to Leicester, not before last season.

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We do believe that building identity and find colours and shirts that stands out would be a job not yet completed as the shirts and shorts should be iconic and really in base with tradition, but again as said with dark blue shorts as seen in the jersey colours then it could become a really nice outfit, yet to see any of that, but hopefully it will be.

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Wait on the shorts and stockings, then this could be a 9 out of 10. The home shirt looks ok, but would not give it more than 7/10. Exciting to see the third kit for next season, if the maroon is kept as a type of tradition or moving on to a new colour, some suggested mint green, as this was a mint blue, we just have to wait for the next mint to appear, or something totally different.

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