A brilliant way of progress, Leicester planning new stadium expansion, future looks bright at all levels

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We do believe that this is going forward in the best way possible and the plans for a new stadium expansion is according to earlier leaked photos of the plans. The new and official approach looks almost the same and it will be fantastic to get this in place and said to be all finalized at the latest in 2024.

The stadium will be increased with 8000 seats, taking the total attandance to 40000. In this expansion we will also see a new hotel with 220 rooms. The proposals also include a new retail space, a residential tower, club office and commercial space, and multi-storey car parking facilities and enhancements to the site.

The news shows how the club owners are prepared to move forward and in silence not saying out load what the full poatential should be, but to again lift a PL trophy can be something that they would like to taste again.

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The club needs to address their ambtions both financially as the club in itself is safe and solid and that the grim shadows of the previous ground project is forgotten as it almost send the club to the open fields.

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The ground as we used to know as Walkers Stadium was opened in 2002, and since then been the host of many fantastic events and to see the club now preparing to again see the stadium as their future home is just fantastic.

We all look forward to this and hopefully we will open the new stadium as a top club in the top tier, as we at the last opening had to do it after a season in relegation.

Leicester as club first known as Fosse and later City, played at five different grounds before moving to Filbert Street in 1891, staying at that special place for 111 years and as we all remember in a great history had many expansions and changes and also revultionary ideas building a balloon tent to warm the grass at cold winters, and also being pioneers regarding offering exectuve boxes, as early as in the 70’s.

They also build grand stands as we all have great memories of thinking back at the double decker, the Carling stand and Spion Cop, and some also have memories of Bentley’s Roof, which was used by some to actually watch games for free, great times, great memories as we now are going into a new era.

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We wish the club all the happiness going forward and with this new castle of a project it might be fantastic days in front to look forward to.

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