Brendan Rodgers up for his big exam as Leicester transition is in full bloom hopefully we will see progress along the line

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The start to the season has been grim and we did see it coming in the pre-season with games against Wycombe, QPR and Burton Albion not really showing the strength needed in a squad that surely should be capable of winning against any team at this level, without the strongest eleven on the field.

In previous seasons games against lower league opposition has been a bit about keeping it steady and just landing a result that shows that the work and capacity is still there.

TCF believe in players of first team caliber to be close to a starting eleven if they are not in it, at this moment the club do carry a lot of players not really seeing a future at the club, and with that in mind you will need a shipping out strategy that surely at the moment is not in place.

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Sadly Mendy and Choudhury both stayed at the club without the right offer or a late plan never happening made them both left at the gym as that would be the place to keep them instead of watering out a playing strategy to have them both included. Footwear Sale, New Styles Added, and Free Shipping With Code: SHIPFW

Jamie Vardy is still at this age the most important player in the team and also in the squad as more and more of the leaders of this group are on the way out and with both Fuchs and Morgan leaving last summer you do need continuity to be able to get this train on the right track.

If you have little or no knowledge about a squad rotation policy, don’t analyse the different elements and attributes you need in a squad to be successful you have no understanding of how a football clubs continuity must be carried out in the best way possible.

Brendan Rodgers took over a team with a great number of elements from the past still in the squad, with those heads still around that knew the keys to a winning formula, but still you need other elements to try to bring this forward.

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To be successful in the Premier League and in Europe, you need certain types of players in the group of 18. Looking at that team that won the FA Cup, you had most of the elements in place, but then to start a new rotation you need to be patient and to make too many changes might disturb the rythm as you try to bring in certain types of players to get forward, it’s difficult, very difficult.

We did have great hopes of a fantastic new season but that Jonny Evans injury problem seems to keep rolling further as one of the best defenders in the PL is so important to this Leicester City team together with Jamie Vardy and Kasper Schmeichel they are not at an ideal age, as your most important players should be a bit younger, but anyway let’s hope we will be able to get things correctly.

Making progress with a team is really working with the same players over a long period of time and trying to make one or maybe two changes to the team season in and season out. TCF was very frustrated with the way the club handled the PL success suddenly believing that what was achieved in May certainly not would happen again next season and just telling everyone how crazy it was.

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When Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa did win the league, they won the European Cup the season after and continued to play with the belief that they were the best and kept their momentum. Leicester have class players but lacks a bit of structure at the moment that would see them not failing in so many games that they have done this season and also did last season against opposition that really are not in the area of level of this Leicester City football team.

We surely believe in Brendan Rodgers and cannot see any manager out there that could do a better job, he knows the players, he knows it is a transition and the current energy around the place is a bit difficult as some players need to still be trusted even if they are in their mid 30’s, and those close to their best age as Soyuncu, Tielemans, Ndidi and Maddison looks as massive transfer objects with other more exciting names of clubs sniffing around. We have not yet seen them taking the responsibility to bring a result in the right direction week in and week out, as they looks to stumble as well, and not take the full leadership.

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We all know that being so depended on older players as Leicester are, not in quality but in that special field that you cannot really see, that leadership and confidence to take action when you really need the edge, that is something very, very difficult to spot and it will always be a key in your success.

With the four mentioned above struggling to take that leading hat and looking at Evans, Schmeichel and Vardy as the players to trust when the going gets tough, you have a struggle on your hand, you will not see players such as Daka, Lookman and Soumare being the leaders out there, we do have a structural problem to solve and it will not be solved with major moves for other players before you have a squad limited to those twenty players as we mentioned before.


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