Aftermath from Aston Villa, please settle a system and a team, this is Leicester, not Real Madrid, Man City or Liverpool

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Leicester do have a grand number of players to choose from but without a settled system, a method or policy that is easy to understand, then you are on a bit of trip towards decline or even moving into tragic outcomes.

The game today at Villa Park shows that being smart makes you look silly in the end. So far this season it’s been chopping and changing, resting people and forgetting the important stuff at times.

We have seen how James Maddison has shone in recent games and getting his movement, passing and runs to a better and better level, playing in front of Soumare and Ndidi, and of course used to play with Tielemans as well. Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall is a good midfielder but his touch is not as good as Soumare and the switch makes the movement of Maddison different, upsetting.

The fact that we have addressed before Daka instead of Lookman, Kelechi also playing more and Vardy everyday of the week, not put him on the bench if you like to win difficult fixtures away and be sure that you bring home results. Footwear Sale, New Styles Added, and Free Shipping With Code: SHIPFW

Brendan Rodgers needs to peak his team and the performance and how do you get a football team to progress, by settling systems and players in a pattern that they like to move in and understand and as we did see against Southampton, just a missed pass from Vardy to Maddison was all that stopped the team from winning, no need to make panic changes.

TCF cannot see why Lookman and Dewsbury-Hall should be used in front of Soumare or Perez, and we will soon see Tielemans back in the team and then why rotate everything around, when you last week had a different idea. If this is a progress program for certain players and points gets lost on the way to a big breakthrough we understand, but it’s not the time to do that when you sit midtable.

As said so many times before please settle a team and as we have seen before with Tielemans back this is very simple. Replace Lookman with Perez, Daka or Kelechi, and Tielemans in, Pereira back in action, Castagne can move to left and a grand eleven is in place.

This must be the ideal team;

Schmeichel – Pereira, Castagne, Soyuncu, Evans – Ndidi, Tielemans, Maddison – Perez, Barnes, Vardy

Iheanacho, Albrighton, Daka are the three pushing for a place among the top three, Soumare is the alternative if Ndidi og Tielemans are out, Maddison and Tielemans can both operate in the role behind Vardy. You need to use as few players as possible to be sure to bring in points, rotating players is for teams with superior excellence and drilled personell in each position.

You can if you have a settled system and players drilled in positions to changes but not to both system and players then you will be heavily punished as movements are not trained on and why Brendan Rodgers loves this strategy is a riddle. Changing systems and movements if you drill your sessions and players in them, you do underestimate the key reason why teams progress.

We will not win them all but four points lost in these two games are four too many as a top four spot could easily been in reach as so many teams are struggling behind the top three.


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