Jamie Vardy more important for Leicester than Kane for Spurs, Lewandowski for Bayern and Haaland for Dortmund

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For TCF to see Jamie Vardy on the bench is the most tragical experience. His importance for Leicester is at a level that would see Harry Kane, Erling Braut-Haaland and Robert Lewandowski play second fiddle.

Brendan Rodgers did the killing decission to not play Jamie Vardy v. Aston Villa from start, and he was rewarded with the outcome that also would have stopped him from doing what he did if he had worked from stats and maths instead of instinct.

For god sake, Jamie Vardy has scored 9 goals in 14 PL games, to just overlook that fact makes you a bad mathematic as you can’t see your odds fall heavily getting important points in the bag.

Jamie Vardy has a ratio of goals that no other Leicester player in the presence can compete with, and looking at the amount of goals Leicester have scored in the last number of seasons you will see that Jamie Vardy can compete with any other of the top players in Europe.

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Jamie Vardy has the following tally of goals in the last four seasons, 2015/16 (24/68) 2016/17 (13/48), 2017/18 (20/56), 2018/19 (18/51), 2019/20 (23/67), 2020/21 (15/68), 2021/22 (14/10)

If you also bring in the amount of assists Jamie produce, you will be a fool not to play him in every single game and every minute of high importance as Premier League games are. His contribution to the team is at a level few would believe was possible.

The following stats are counted of all goals scored with Jamie Vardy’s goals and assists as an percentage of all goals the team scored in Premier League action, 2015/16 (47,1%), 2016/17 (39,6%), 2017/18 (37,5%), 2018/19 (43,1%), 2019/20 (41,8%), 2020/21 (35,3), 2021/22 (71,4%).

If you just measure performances by the last game played you will be fooled and your chance of winning will drop heavily without Jamie in the team. If you look at history and do the same stats counting of Emile Heskey and Gary Lineker you will see the same effect. We all know what happened at Leicester after the two left the club, luckily Jamie Vardy is still around without him, Leicester would have struggled massively.

To find players such as Gary Lineker, Emile Heskey and Jamie Vardy is a difficult act, we can ad Frank Worthington to the list as well and if you know your history see what happened after they left.

Looking at Robert Lewandowski, Harry Kane and Erling Braut Haaland for the last two seasons they are in and around Vardy, but taking the points collected you will see them fall flat and far below Jamie in the stats as their teams are picking up much more points and the importance level of Vardy makes him stand out as a number one in European action of importance.

If you work in football and do not take this into your thoughts when picking a team for an important game and just run around with your last thought in your head you should step down at once, you will be fooled and funny stories will not help you.

The stats of 2021/22 is far above everything from the past with a ratio of 71,4 and bringing in the points in that as well the stats tells you to play Jamie Vardy every minute in every game of importance and the most important football games are played in Premier League, losing points here will in the end be your own problem as manager.


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