Brendan Rodgers losing dressing room claim as Leicester considering shock manager replacement

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The full backing from owners message has arrived and we all know what that story tells you. A manager will be supported as long as results are as good as expected or above.

Leicester are still in Europe but so far this season missed all opportunities in domestic cup competitions and their Premier League table position is far from acceptable.

The rocking and rolling continues under Brendan Rodgers despite having many injuries he ignored the capacity of Youri Tielemans vs. Liverpool and decided to sub bench the captain from the previous game and few understand how a manager with so many injuries in the squad cold go to the decision of dropping Tielemans when he also pushed Wilfred Ndidi back as a central defender.

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall and Bouba Soumare are two very young unexperieced players given the defensive midfield jobs and they were totally and expected ran over by Liverpool quality.

Both players fought well but easily showing lack of quality and experience needed to be able to cope with Liverpool, so this decision was selfishly made by Brendan Rodgers to rock the boat and look for some type of reaction.

The next game vs. West Ham is a must win for Brendan Rodgers any other result will again put him under massive pressure with a shock replacement lined up. Gennaro Gattuso is according to media in Italy a candidate under consideration.

We all have seen how well Leicester can play and how fantastic it could look under Brendan Rodgers and instead of just slotting in players in a well drilled system, he has decided to shake it all up in a blender.

To start to talk down ambition and saying the club have reached their limit when you slide out of the top four in two seasons on a banana skin and losing vital points at home against relegated teams, and by that missing out on Champions League, you start to wonder were it comes from.

The formula for success for a club like Leicester and other of their size, is to have a close and united group of players with the core being at the same age a few youngsters and one or two very experienced players. Everyone knowing their jobs and drilled. Given clear advise and backing from their manager.

Brendan Rodgers is a very experienced man but has also a big head and will not be kicked around and of course he also gets frustrated and going forward we would like him to again adapt to a certain formula and that is a 4-3-3 build up and of course not dropping Kasper Schmeichel, Harvey Barnes and Youri Tielemans as they are heavily needed. To drop two £50million assets and one of the best goalkeepers on earth from the team and instead using players from a lower shelf you have started your journey downward.

Feeling and emotion should not reflect your judgement as a manager and when it does you will be in trouble. Lately we have seen this happening to Brendan Rodgers and he shows lack of discipline towards himself and of course if he had a squad of similar quality in all positions he could easily made changes as we see Pep and Jurgen Klopp are doing at their place, but we all know that Brendan Rodgers cannot punish his best players after a number of bad games as his replacements here and now are not good enough.

We would love Brendan Rodgers to get back to his drawing board, his basics and just continue his work as he intended to, but everything could soon be at the end as we have seen him be tempted to land on his own ego and start to drop his best players even with massive injury problems.


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