Randers game tonight overshadowed by talk of Leicester management battle Brendan Rodgers will lose on all points

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Brendan Rodgers is at present on the same ratio of games lost as the three previous managers sacked. Talk of a falling out has also reached media as this looks difficult.

Leicester are at the moment running a project of progress and not one of decline with probably their best time in front and not behind them, to have a manager that does not show the full commitment will never be good.

Director of Football Jon Rudkin is not much in media, but he is probably at this moment, the most important man at the club. Rudkin is a solid anchor for the owners and especially for young chairman Top. The Thai owners looks to Jon Rudkin is the man that are the grand leader of sporting activities at the club on a daily basis.

TCF believe that Jon Rudkin will awlays look after the interests of the owners in the best way possible and be their arm length towards everything in and around the club regarding sports. Rudkin has also had an important role in the OH Leuven project. He is well trusted by the owners.

Reports about Brendan Rodgers falling out with Jon Rudkin will never be a winning battle for BR and this can only go one way for the former Celtic and Liverpool manager.

The topic of disscussion is said to be transfer fundings. Rodgers believe he probably need a bigger bag of money to take the club to new heights, money that probably are not available at this time, and with that in mind we all can understand the next happening in this story.

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The way games vs. Tottenham and West Ham were lost has nothing to do with a club not able to compete with the best. Liverpool at home shows how well everything can work on a top day and that should of course be the aim to copy those great results, not the opposite.

We certainly hope that the players and manager will be fully focused on the game tonight vs. Randers and not let this talk affect the future, but you will never know as Brendan Rodgers is fighting for his job.

The result in the match tonight is said to have no importance regarding a departure of BR. The future will be decided after the Wolves game on Sunday.


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