Wales first choice makes league debut after four years on the bench seeing Denmark first choice never leaving his seat

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Following Leicester up and down to the right and to the left you always have an eye on players not being regulars in the first team set up. Danny Ward is such a player and with patience been waiting for his debut in the Premier League.

Today was the day and what a way to make a debut being part of a team winning 5-1 and also doing crucial saves that made Leicester as good as they were today.

He has been involved in the first team at sevearl other games in other tournaments and latest in the fatal 3rd round disaster vs. Nottingham Forest were fans did take to forums and message boards to express their negatives.

What started almost as a nightmare again letting in a goal after just six minutes made it easy to think it would be a copy of the that Forest game, but as we did see it turned out as a great success.

Delighted for Danny Ward as the Wales first choice will of course build on this when taking on either Scotland or Ukraine in the play-off for World Cup qualification.

Danny Ward has a lot of experience and at 28 still a young man in a goalkeeper perspective. We still hope that both him and Kasper Schmeichel will be at the club also next season as rumours fly and both are in high demand being their countries first choices.

Leicester had two goalkeepers in the last Euro as Ward represented Wales and Schmeichel was in action for Denmark. Ward has a tally of 24 full caps, Schmeichel is on 80, as the two could be playing for their nations in the World Cup coming up in November.


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